Does any one know of any good apartments in Toledo Ohio?

Im moving to Toledo Ohio in January, and I want to make sure im in a good area while going to school and raising my son. I just need a few good apartments that I can check out in a good environment. Please help.


My son is 5 years old, and in kindergarden. I want to put him in a good school. also my price range would be between $400-$650. hopefully that would put me some where nice.

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    (Editing my response to answer w/the add'l info you provided...) :)

    Cost of living isn't too bad around here. For $400-650, you should be able to find something decent. I assume you're looking for a 2 bedroom apt?

    We'll start off with the school district issue, since that will be a big factor in deciding where you'll want to live around here:

    Toledo Public Schools (TPS) are not doing so well right now. That said, there is one elementary school in the TPS district that has received an "Excellent" rating from the state for the past several years - Harvard Elementary. If I were in your situation, the only way I'd move into the TPS district would be if my child would be attending Harvard Elementary.

    Fortunately, there are several outlying school districts that are good too. If you'd rather live actually in Toledo, you could try finding a place in the Washington Local district. (Strangely enough, the City of Toledo actually has 2 districts - Toledo Public and Washington Local. I have no idea why, always seemed strange to me. But Washington Local's schools are much better than Toledo Public.) Or, you could try one of the suburbs too...Springfield Twp schools are good, and there's easy access to the University. Both Bancroft and Dorr streets go all the way out to Springfield Twp - in fact, a lot of graduate and law students move out to that area.

    Here's a complex on Holland Sylvania Rd. in Toledo, near Airport Hwy - Springfield Twp schools. There are 2 or 3 other apt/townhouse complexes in a row here, but I can't remember the names of the others:

    McCord Rd in the general area of Dorr and Bancroft has a lot of apartment complexes too - it also has a Toledo mailing address, but is in Springfield schools. Here's a link to one of them to give you a starting point, but again...there are several complexes nearby. (Note - this location would provide easy access to the University, which is bordered by Dorr and'd just shoot down one of those roads to head to campus, not more than a 10 minute drive.)

    There are great schools in Sylvania, Maumee, and Perrysburg, but I was steering you towards Springfield b/c Sylvania can be pricier, and Maumee and Perrysburg would be a little bit more of a drive. Springfield would be a reasonable combination of price, location, and school district.

    Source(s): edit to add - apparently Beverly Elementary in Toledo Public schools received an "excellent" rating last year too, in addition to Harvard Elementary. They were the only 2 TPS elementary schools to receive the state's "excellent" rating last year:
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    You should look into the riveria apartments (not riveria Maia) in toledo ohio (or as it's called point place), it's in Washington local schools with the elementary school literally right down in the street. It's in the neighborhood I grew up in and it's a safe neighborhood and parks close by. That would be your best bet.

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    I'm sorry no, but perhaps if you googled it or checked with a real estate company such as century21. Good Luck*

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    please try the classfied s coz those thinks are foung more their and the chances of u finding one would be a great deal more if only u are not kidding and serious ly looking for one

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