how can i fix my internet connections?i can't go to some pages and i can't log in yahoo messenger! help please

any suggestions at all?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First try to clear your cache. Many browser problems can be fixed by deleting your cookies, and clearing your IE cache.

    close all IE browser windows, then open only one, and from the menu, select:

    Tools, Internet Options,

    in the pop up dialog box, select:

    Delete Cookies, OK,

    Then in the same dialog box:

    click Delete Files,

    and check the box that says " delete all offline content", OK

    Your hard disk will spin for a bit ( 20 to 40 sec) depending on the size of your cache.

    Dont worry about that deleting files message, it is just old web pages you visited, nothing worth saving.

    Go back to the same dialog box, and select:


    On the dialog box for this, change the amout of disk space to use to 30MB. Somtimes, this value is set way too high.

    Also on this dialog box be sure that the check box for:

    Check for newer versions of stored pages,

    Every visit to the page.

    This setting can also solve a lot of web page access problems.

    The other possibilities are that the web pages are being blocked by the browser, or another internet security program you may be running.

    Go to Tools, Internet Options, Security,

    The slider for "Internet" should be set to Medium.

    click the Trusted Sites icon, there probably will not be anything in there. If you find a strange site you dont know, delete it. Only your trusted bank site, or place you know for sure should be in there.

    Then click on Restricted Sites. The slider should be set to high, and it should be filled with restricted sites populated by your security program.

    If it is empty, you can download spybot, download updates, select all available updates, download updates, and click imunize, it will show you how may bad products can be blocked, great, but you need to click +imunize again at the top.

    This will fill that restricted sites box so you dont go to a hacker site. Then scan your computer for problems.

    It will usually find cookies and call them harmful, but it can also turnup key stroke loggers, and other nasty things, and it is free !

    Get it from search for spybot,

    download Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.5

    May the force be with you...

  • 3 years ago

    If its messenger beta 9 you're employing, uninstall it and bypass back to a prior versionfor the time being. Beta potential unfinished or nevertheless in progression. you may constantly reinstall it whilst the equipment defects/bugs have been taken care of out. web sites listed under have each and every of the variations of yahoo messenger thats ever existed. i wish that facilitates you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if you tried the latest messenger ... .... and that fails , have you ever heard of 3rd party chat clients for use on yahoo ? ... these chat programs are written by actual chat user ... mostly from Yahoo Chat Help:1 ... no ad banners / free / boot proof and loaded with options like signing in with capital letters these free chats are more stable then messenger and rock ... currently Yazak chat has a special login feature to help you enter chat ... get it @ .... listed under yahoo pages / free boot proof chat on the menu bar

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