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Looking for "GREAT" vampire-romance novels....ex: twilight?

I finished reading quite a few vampire-romance novels...

any suggestions on other great vampire-romance books out there....like the Twilight or Vampire Kisses...


Thank you....

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    I just finished Glass Houses by Rachel Caine. It doesn't have a lot of romance (although the blurb for the second book looks like it will), but it was great.

    You might also want to try Blackwood Farms by Anne Rice

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    I agree with reading the classic vampire novel...Dracula.

    You could read some romance vampire novels by Linda Lael Miller (Forever and the Night; For All Eternity; Time Without End; Tonight and Always) or Susan Krinard (Chasing Midnight). Susan Sizemore wrote some really fun time travel romances and now has written some vampire romances.

    There are some interesting and fun Regency romance vampire stories. Karen Harbaugh has several like The Vampire Viscount and the Devil's Bargain; The Vampire Viscount; and Night Fires.

    You could also check out lists like:






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    The Vampire Diaries series, Vampire Academy series, and Evernight series. The Vampire Diaries was loved by my best friend so I can't give you my take on the book. The main female character is like a total conceited person (with two guys after her) so I'm not sure if you'd be up for that. Eh, I'm just probably jealous. In Vampire Academy there is a headstrong girl named Rose. I thought she was kind of sluttish at first, but she's really cool. Evernight is my almost all time favorite (close to Twilight). There were two huge twists in the book I never knew coming! I've read Vampire Beach, sequel to Blood Lust, and found the book ultra boring. You might find it interesting though. I just found some parts so predictable. And I hate cheaters.... So... you like anime and manga? If you haven't already, then you should watch Karin. I think it's pretty funny - a vampire who produces blood! And if you don't mind violence and mature stuff then Hellsing (don't be afraid of Alucard! He kicks butt!!!), Trinity Blood, and Blood + should be added to your list.

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    The Silver Kiss is a romantic vampire book, it is written by Annette Kurtis Klause. As well as Demon in my View by Amelia Atwater Rhodes.

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    Definately check out Vampire Beach by Alex Duval. he has four out and is writing the fifth! Also try Dangerous Girls by R.L. Stine. Books one and two are now available.

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    have you tried vampire academy yet??

    it's a vampire story but a bit maturer then the twilight series, but i would check it...but i'm too young so i'm gonna wait a few years....you can check out the first chapter here and then cast your opinion about it



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    What about Anne Rice books? She has many romance books

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    Glad you enjoyed Twilight :] It is absolutely the best! If you're looking for ANOTHER vampire book... then read the sequel... NEW MOON. It is good too! After you read new moon... read the third book in the series ECLIPSE. Great also :]

    Hope this helped and enjoy your books :]

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    The original, creepiest and most frightening even today is Dracula by Bram Stoker.

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    read the 2 sequels to twilight

    they dont get anybetter than those 3 books.

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