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Next Year's top ten draft picks..and the top ten teams that get them and reason?

i want honest answer from seeing whats happening to teams right now

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    1. St. Louis Rams - Jake Long (OT) Michigan

    Analysis: This pick is very interesting because the Rams don’t need a RB or a QB. They need desperate help along the offensive and defensive fronts. But, considering how bad that offense looks without Orlando Pace, they have to get some talent up front. Even if Pace is healthy, Alex Barron isn’t exactly playing well on the right side. A trade down is likely also.

    2. Miami Dolphins - Brian Brohm (QB) Louisville

    Analysis: If Miami gets a pick this high, there’s no way the pass on a franchise QB like Brohm can be. Even with John Beck in the fold, Brohm has tremendous upside. Besides, you don’t get a top two pick every year.

    3. Buffalo Bills - Glenn Dorsey (DT) LSU

    Analysis: The Bills desperately need playmakers on that defense. They’ll have another talented youngster to build around in Dorsey. He definitely adds a playmaker up front.

    4. Atlanta Falcons - Darren McFadden (RB) Arkansas

    Analysis: Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich aren’t world beaters, by any stretch, but McFadden gives the Falcons talent and explosiveness that it sorely lacks. He’s the type of player that also sells tickets…something the Falcons lost along with Vick’s departure.

    5. Minnesota Vikings - Chris Long (DE) Virginia

    Analysis: Vikings have tried to find an end to provide a pass rush for a few years now. Chris Long is a high effort, productive player who can provide them consistent play and give them a pass rush without having to blitz so much.

    6. New York Jets - Derrick Harvey (DE/OLB) Florida

    Analysis: The Jets are in desperate need of a pass rusher in their 3-4 defense. This may seem a little high Harvey, but he will wow scouts in the combine and shoot up draft boards. Many people have him rated higher than Jarvis Moss, last years first round DE from Florida.

    7. New Orleans Saints - Reggie Smith (CB) Oklahoma

    Analysis: With such a disappointing season in 2007, the Saints need a difference-maker. Reggie Smith is just that. He’s a very good cover man that can create turnovers and be a consistent force on that defense.

    8. Oakland Raiders - Sam Baker (OT) USC

    Analysis: The Raiders get exactly what they need in the natural LT from USC. Baker allows them to add the top notch pass protector they’ve been attempting to land for a few years now.

    9. Dallas Cowboys (From Cleveland) - Kenny Phillips (S) Miami Fl.

    Analysis: The Cowboys can thank Cleveland’s Derek Anderson for this pick being lower than expected, but believe me, they won’t be complaining about landing this super-talented Hurricane. Phillips is just what that defense needs.

    10. Kansas City Chiefs - Andre Woodson (QB) Kentucky

    Analysis: The Chiefs get a steal at number ten by having Woodson fall into their laps. Woodson’s an immediate upgrade over anyone on that roster. He may sit for most of year one behind Huard, but he’ll shine once he gets his shot.

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    the way I see it.... a million. Vikings 2. Colts 3. Falcons 4. Saints 5. Titans 6. Patriots 7. Packers 8. Cardinals 9. Bengals 10. Raiders (No, i'm not loopy, I purely have a gut feeling that California ghettos will experience free next season)

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    wow, i completely agree with what tru blu is saying...i was really thinking about it, and then i looked at his response and its dead on i think

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    damn your team must suck if your already looking forward to the draft!!!!!!!!!

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