I need to find a REAL job while going to college and being a Mother?

Help? Any suggestions? I quit my full time career on a blast of a dream Ive held in for so long - to get my degree. I thought I could waitress to make the money. Yes, I get enough money but I am SOOOOOOO unhappy. I HATE waitressing...as Ive been working in an office for over 8 years. I need a good job that I can work nights and weekends... or just days after 10:30 am and 12:20PM because thats when I get out of school. Im so frustrated...and upset. Any suggestions? I really need a good paying job...Im making 450/week + waiting tables....but I truley HATE it.... :( Im so sad. I kinda wish I never went back to school now...

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    1 decade ago
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    I m sorry you are going thru this right now. Better days are coming for you so just believe. Add my company to your list of options. Good luck.


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    If you are going to school during the day and working all night, who is watching your child?

    That should be your first concern.

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