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What is Pig Latin?

I think its something to do with mixing letters and words right?

I know something just like it that i know how to speak it fluently,its called "Double dutch"

Its adding letters,cutting words and also depends on the vowels of each word how u pronounce it!

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    Pig Latin was a language most kids teach each other. Here's how it works:

    Let's use the sentence "Lisa ate chips." You take off the first sound of a word, like the 'l' of 'Lisa' and the 'ch' of chips, and add it to 'ay'. So, 'Lisa' in Pig Latin is 'isa lay', and 'chips' is 'ips chay'.

    Words that start with vowels are different depending on who you learn it from. As a kid, I learned to just say 'ay' after a word, like 'ate ay'. Some people add an 'h' to the 'ay' part, so 'ate' and 'hate' sound the same in Pig Latin.

    My example sentence can be said 'isa lay ate ay ips chay' or 'isa lay ate hay ips chay'; either one is acceptable.

    I've never heard of Double Dutch. I'd love to see how that works. As a kid, my sister and I spoke Pig Latin so quickly my mother couldn't keep up with our conversations. It was really handy when coming up with excuses and such!

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    Take off all the first letters of a word until you get to the first vowel, put them to the end of the word and add "ay" at the end. If the first letter is a vowel, just leave it as it is and add "ay" at the end. So "Pig Latin" is "Igpay Atinlay".


  • This is the now-dead language spoken by swine during the time of the Roman Empire. It died out in the Middle Ages with the invention of bacon.

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    a million. take the 1st letter of the word then action picture it to the tip ex: pig may be igp 2. take the effect and then upload "ay" to the tip. ex: igp may be igpay to coach i might write letters to acquaintances employing basically pig latin! wish this facilitates!:)

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    Iay avehay onay ueclay atwhay ouyay areay alkingtay aboutay...

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