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Canada is involved in many international relationships. Identify one overt and one covert geopolitical situation that it is a part of today.

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    Overt: Canada has close to 3000 troops in Afghanistan and has the largest combat brigades in the province( Kandahar).

    Covert: The deporting of terrorists. Maher Arar is a perfect example; he was arrested by American officials at an airport based on information the RCMP had provided. Canada was in big trouble when this was discovered and Arar sued the Government for his year in a Syrian prison where he was tortured.

    The Canadian Charter forbids this kind of thing via its freedom of association - just being distantly related to a member of the Taliban shouldn't get you locked away and tortured.

    But he was anyways. Oh, well.

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    One overt mission would be the Haiti stabilization force where we have people. A covert one is covert and therefore unknown to the public, but at the beginning of the Afghan war our JTF2 forces were known to be in Afghanistan. One soldier was hurt and was identified as a JTF so I imagine that there are still JTF2 forces operating in Afghanistan or Pakistan now.

    JTF mean Joint Task Force and are basically Canada's special forces.

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    Well overt would be the NATO fighting in Afghanistan. "Covert" by definition is not known but perhaps the very likely infiltration of Sikh terrorist organizations by Canadian security agents would be one.

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