Is washing fruits and veggies with antibacterial dish soap safe? Is it recommended?

I washed a head of cabbage today because it had a slug on it. I get very fresh fruits and veggies that sometimes still have the dirt on them. Is it safe for me to wash them with the antibacterial dish soap? I have a 4 year old daughter and just want what's best for her. Thanks!

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    No! Do NOT use dishsoap on vegetables.

    Here's how to wash fresh produce:

    --Before working with any foods, hands should be washed with soap and water. Also, make sure preparation areas are sanitary.

    --Under clean, running water, rub fruits and vegetables briskly with your hands to remove dirt and surface microorganisms.

    --Wash produce just before serving - not before storing, as washing will cause produce to spoil faster.

    --Produce with a firm skin or hard rind like carrots, potatoes, melons or squash may be scrubbed with a vegetable brush and water.

    --Discard the outer leaves of leafy vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage before washing.

    --Always wash squash and melons, even if you don't eat the rind or skin because when cut, dirt or bacteria that is on the outer surface can be transferred to the inner flesh.

    --DO NOT wash produce with detergent or bleach solutions. Fruits and vegetables are porous and can absorb the detergent or bleach, which is not intended for use on foods and consuming them on fruits and vegetables have the potential to make you sick.

  • 6 years ago

    I wash all my raw fruits and vegetables with antibacterial soap and have for many years. I do a quick wash and long rinse, making sure all the soap is rinsed away. I wash mung bean sprouts in a colander.

    I couldn't imagine eating something I'd just rinsed off with a little water. God knows how many hands have touched that tomato or how many times that apple rolled across a floor. It's gross just to think about.

    My family has never gotten sick from washing foods with soap and I feel it's safer than the dangerous bacteria that could be lurking on what you eat

  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    W! T! F! Don't wash food with dish soap, that's even worse than any pesticides on it. If its something like an apple or peach or potato just peel it. Vegetables and berries don't really have a ton of pesticides anyway, except for spinach; that you should deff buy organic. Try going to a local farmers market. The veggies have way less, if any, pesticides than store bought, and its fresher and cheaper. Why give money to the store for crappy produce when you can get it better and cheaper directly from the farmer

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    it's usually better to just use water. if your fruits and veggies have dirt on them, that's not necessarily a bad sign if you get them so fresh because it just means they were picked right out of the dirt and not covered in chemicals or wax. as long as you can wash the dirt off, it's better to just use water because otherwise your adding unneeded chemicals and detergents! p.s. always buy as fresh and local as possible!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think that is fine as long as you rinse it all off. The stores do carry fruit and vegitable wash now too, that might be something to try.

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