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America being the land of immigrants?

With America being the land of imigrants and in the past they learned our customs (while keeping theirs) sould America be the land of english only. I am talking about Government forms ID's ect?

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    America is the land of immigrants. My family came here 100 years ago and spoke no English. Here is the catch, they learned English; they had no other choice. Everything was in English back then. There was no push 1 for ENGLISH and 2 for Spanish, what if you speak neither. BTW they immigrated from ITALY so even today they would have to learn English to prosper. Go to any other country and you are EXPECTED to know their language, otherwise you are considered ignorant but here it appears we favor the Spanish speaking people over every other language.

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    If you're talking about official documents--of course. The alternative would be chaos. And--that's never been a problem. such documents have always been in English only.

    Currently, there are a lot of bigots who are whining that "English ought to be the official language, etc." All they are doing is showing their ignorance of our history--and their own family history, in most cases! Most immigrants have arrived not speaking English. And most initially formed communities for mutual help and to assist newcomers while they "learned the ropes"--jsut as hispanics are doing today. Over time, they learn English on their own and assimilate into American culture and make good, productive citizens.

    Oh--and in every period, the bigots have trotted out the same lies, used the same smear tactics, against whatever new group was arriving--that they are doing today. Too bad we can't deport THEM!

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    What annoys me is the consistent communicate of illegals and Mexicans interior a similar breath. no longer all illegals are from Mexico, they're merely the main vocal who for some reason evaluate it their right to be right here. Immigration reform is a misnomer. the government might desire to offer up pandering to the vocal minority, enforce the guidelines that do exist, supply up interfering with the states who're attempting to enforce those present rules, enhance materials for USCIS so they might technique the applications of people who do prefer to immigrate and/or artwork right here legally. There are seasonal artwork visas however the purple tape makes it just about impossible for the common worker to particularly word and the cost is prohibitive. it particularly is the place the reform might desire to be and not yet another amnesty.

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    People who don't speak English are at a disadvantage. I don't think we need to punish them, not speaking English is punishment enough. Many legal, legitimate immigrants are not able to learn English, but 75% of their kids speak -ONLY- English. The English-only movement is just another form of nativism and xenophobia.

    Also, when we took over more than half of Mexico, we signed a treaty with the Spanish-speaking people who already lived there that they would be allowed to keep their language and customs. The west has many towns, and neighborhoods in cities, where English is seldom heard. It's very unfair to these people to suddenly declare that the language they've spoken for 200 years is no longer supported.

    The cost of forms and ballots etc. is really minimal. That's now what this is really about. It's part of a much bigger movement to disenfranchise minority populations because the way they tend to vote.

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    As far as government IDs, I would be hard pressed to think of a major country which does not have some way of identifying a citizen from a non-citizen. We already have these forms in place, such as passports, social security cards etc. State records, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses, are given credence in other states under federal law. A passport by definition identifies citizenship in a country. So all the federal gov't has to do is mandate all citizens are required to get passports and the problem of an additional national identity card is moot.

    As far as making English the official language of the US, that is a far stickier point. I personally am of the opinion that when a person lives in a country s/he should be expected to learn the local language. I would not expect if I lived in France everybody around me to learn English, I would have to learn French if I wanted to get along.

    Your question, however, goes beyond just language. The question is really how much do we as citizens of this country expect others to adapt to our ways. In my humble opinion, the term "melting pot" we use to describe ourselves is very apt. We can take traits, traditions and customs from others and make them our own. For instance, I have a friend who lives in California, born and raised as WASP as they come. He chooses to adopt some facets the lifestyle of a Japanese person, to the point that his Japanese is more fluent than many native Japanese speakers. He sleeps on a mat on the floor, his home is very spartan, to the point of austere. Yet, when he visited there, he said he could never live there because there were many things culturally and socially he did not like. Anyway, while we may not like or understand certain customs of another culture, we are on the whole enriched by learning of them and embracing them (as long as they are not illegal, immoral or unethical).

    In short, we as a people should demand certain things from all people who choose to live here, such as paying taxes, jury duty, getting necessary documents (driver's license, etc.) and be able to communicate on some basic level with those around us, while leaving other things to the choice of the person.

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    Why you get the doubt ? Except for the native American Indians all others are immigrants; some early and some later immigrants. It is like the passengers in a long train journey.

    Probably America can adopt a 2/3 official languages policy like in some countries of Europe.

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    For practical purposes, yes. Like it or not, English is the international tongue. More people around the world speak it than any other language. Even in my country, India, its the main language because we have too many other languages that virtually no one can learn (fifteen official languages) . Its just simpler.

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    Ninety-four percent of Americans already speak English; there is no legislation necessary. Diversity is a good thing.

    The main reason that English should not be made an "official" language of the United States is because those people that are most fervent about it are racist.

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    English is NOT the native language of America. Do some research

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    Yes. English is the chosen language of the United States and should be the only language used.

    If you go to France you have to know French.. If you go to Russia you will see everything in Russian..

    So America should be English our chosen language..

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