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Mari asked in SportsMartial Arts · 1 decade ago

Katana Sword?

My boyfriend has always mentioned owning a sword, our one year anniversary is next month and he mentioned he like Katana Swords, I have seen some really nice ones and I know mroe or less how he would like it but besides that I know nothing else. How do I know if the sword is nice, not cheap looking and such. Is there a certain length and width it should be how about price? Someone please help!

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    It depends on what you are looking for. Does your boyfriend know how to use a sword? Does he operate them in martial arts? If it's just to hang on your wall any cheap replica will do. If you are looking for something more realistic brands like Paul chen or coldsteel offer factory made katana of pretty decent to good quality prices ranging between 200 and 1500 dollars Check their sites

    If you really want to splash out you can check the antique stores for an antique or check to have one handmade to suit your needs. either go to Japan and locate a swordsmith or find a few of the us smiths like morgan valley forge. Hand made swords are expensive stuff though ranging upwards from 2000 dollar to...

    Source(s): aikidoka and owner of my own katana
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  • Eric C
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    In my opinion, based upon almost a decade of doing sword-fighting / choreographed live-steel fights... there's a big difference between REAL swords versus ones that just sits on a display stand and looks pretty.

    You'll want to go to a reputable dealer and talk to them about exactly what your purposes of it are. If all it's meant do is sit in the display stand -- any ol' "sword-shaped object" will work and those are dirt cheap ($20 - $50).

    A "real" sword - one that will stand up to the rigors of regular use... is properly balanced... properly weighted... strong enough to take a blow and hold an edge... won't snap off at the tang the first time it makes solid contact with another sword... etc., etc., etc.

    Contact me via e-mail and I can send you a link to a few sites which have some decent swords and recommendations based on your price range & what level of functionality you're looking for.

    GENIUNE katanas made from the old masters would of course cost thousands and are true masterpieces. (Albeit, I'm not a huge fan of the katana blade - I prefer european long-sword with a hand-and-a-half grip)

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    Well in North America you can't find the REAL thing you can bye a real sword for about $10,000 and up BUT they wont just give it to anyone. But, you can get cheaps swords but you still want to spend a bit of money and make it Worth getting one. I would look for a Sword in around $300 to $600. Go onto site and look for a nice one with his fav color and if he wants a painting on the case and what not. Just look around and you will find what he wants but it might have to be off the net so I would do it KNOW so you can get it by then month. Good Day :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi mari...I too wud like to own a Katana sword some day...Well You can check out these websites for help:

    The katana comes in 29 inch and 26 inch versions, amounting to approximately US$175 and US$155 respectively. The handles are bound with a thin cotton cord and lacquered black to prevent the wood from splitting. The simple brass guard (or "tsuba") has two half-moon shaped openings on either side of the blade . The generous length handle is made of hardwood and is permanently attached to the tang and pinned. The tang is traditionally-shaped, versus the "rat tail" tang as found in many replica swords made in Spain.

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    usually katana swords are a standard length. they should be fairly light if he plans on acutually using it rather than just setting it on a mantle. If you really want to make it nice, buy a metal one with a case & everything. But if he isn't that picky about it or if he plans on using it regularly a wooden one might work better. Hope I helped!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would ask a guy who uses swords all the time. Try contacting this guy

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