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Why do women expect men to be mind readers?

Sure there are some women that are straight forward and to the point and that don’t play mind games but for the most part the majority of women expect men to be able to read their minds. Obviously it is not going to change and I accept that fact, but I am wondering why in this day and age some women (even so called liberated women) play this game?

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    I think that the problem is that women (generally) are more intutive and better at reading body language and reading between the lines of conversations (we analze more). We do this without even thinking about it and so we expect that men do it too. When men don't, it is frustrating.

    My husband and I have this argument all the time because I will tell him something ( or think that I have) and he will say later that I did not. Men are logical. You have to say things bluntly and to the point or they lose interest in the conversation.

    Generally speaking on all counts of course:)

  • I am not playing a game. I for whatever reason always think that when I am with someone they should know what I want and what I expect. I can tell you exactly what my man wants and expects, and he didn't have to tell me. I feel sometimes that there is no effort being put forward as fas as my expectations go. Even if I told him he doesn't hear it or just doesn't care or has selective hearing. I put a whole lot time in nurturing our relationship and finding out what he wants and needs(without asking him). I wish I could get the same thing in return. It's funny how I don't have to read his mind, but I guess he feels that he has to read mine. I should write it down, but he wouldn't read it or get it anyway.

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    There are times when a woman walks into a room when one or more of the other women in the same room seem to zoom in on what she's feeling and or going through at the time. Now, they may not hit the nail in the head yet they're pretty close. What could be going on here is that they are reading into her facial expressions the dullness of the eyes, whatever sign there is other women zoom right in on it. This little game if you will is what brings us closer together. So, what happens at times we tend to forget that there're others who cannot do the same. This is why at times women expect men to be mind readers.

    Now take that being a group of men in the room and another man walks in no one knows what he's going through, not unless he comes right out and says it. This too is a game if you will that men play with each other. Men are not as astute to emotional reading as women. They're more of a direct hands on method type of people and save the fluff. Women add fluff and the more the better.

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    YOU DONT KNOW Why do women expect men to be mind readers?

    Women dont know what they really want and what make them happy. They are quite illiterate when it comes to reading their own mind. Thats why they seek help and get upset if you read it wrong.

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    You're full of (guess)

    a) baloney

    b) baloney

    c) baloney

    (See, you can read minds, too!)

    My mother invented this game, also called "You're Supposed to Know What I Want Without Being Told." I wasn't good at it then and I sure don't expect anyone else to be good at it now.

    Don't play. Make up your own rules.

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    Honestly because we expect you know what we want. We seem to be able to read your minds pretty well and expect the same in respect. May seem unfair, but generally women give out clues for you without us having to spell it out to you and we'll get upset that you missed them.

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    i don't think women expect men to be mind readers,they expect them to be Quick they can understand their hints,clues....etc

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    Many women are still socialized to be indirect, which is the opposite of how men are socialized. So they won't TELL you what you want, you're supposed to figure it out.

    Pain in the butt.

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    What you've described absolutely happens more with women than men. I don't know whether it's cultural or evolutionary, but it's one of those areas that is a real problem that women deny and justify a lot.

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    It will stop when men stop caring that they can't read women's minds.

    I don't care. The way I feel is.. if you don't speak up and get a raw deal as a result, its your own fault and your own problem. I refuse to take accountability.

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