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Did anyone see the NBC news report of Nixon blasting Fred Thompson?

He called him a "complete idiot" and "dumb as a rock" a number of times in the White house. Why now are we supposed to think this guy can get the job done when his own party laughs behind his back? Can our country afford another dim witted president like we have sufferd through the last 7 years?


CFB: I would hope you are aware that EVERY conversation in the Oval Office is taped. It is not choice, it is the law.

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    So you are going to listen to Nixon when it comes to assessment of people's intelligence? The same guy who taught the current administration how to run roughshod over the Constitution??

    OK, I guess there aren't many better ways in today's "sound bite" campaign.

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    The only good thing I can say about Nixon is that he understood and had a good foreign policy other than that he was a crook. Stop and take a good look at the people we have put in the white house since Nixon and it has been a down hill slide. If we don't get over this idea of my party first and I'll vote for the lesser of two evils then it isn't going to get any better, just look at what we have to pick from right now.

  • CFB
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    Lets see Richard Nixon was so smart that he taped his every conversation including discussions of a cover up.

    Then when the congress subpoenaed these tapes instead of smiling and saying "tapes what tapes" while stoking the fireplace in the oval office someone doctored 18 minutes out of some tapes and there was a major court battle over these tapes.

    And don't forget he didn't order or have any knowledge of the burglary.He did take part in the cover up after the fact.

    And we're supposed to care about this mans opinion, why?

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    Fred Thompson did no longer "help Nixon on Watergate." it particularly is a gross departure from the information. no longer that the media ever particularly cares plenty approximately information... Thompson replaced right into a prosecutor. He gave some discovery to the different area. Did he abuse his discretion? basically one that knows different than Thompson is lifeless. it extremely is how stuff gets finished. study the U. S. shape.

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    Nixon was a liar a thief a felon and a mass murderer. Not being supported by Nixon would be A Good Thing. Ask his staff who should all be out of prison by now.

    Ask the people of Laos and Cambodia who wer secretely bombed..

    Does anyone remember this line by Nixon

    "It's all over except the Bombing"

    Sheesh the republicans haven't changed a bit

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    Yes. It doesn't look like the latest conservative saviour is off to a good start. However, given the choice, I'd take Thompson over Bush any day. They are both dumb but at least FT is honest.

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    Well let's see. I seem to recall that at the time Fred Thompson was part of the legal team for the Watergate investigation. Do you blame Nixon for trying to discredit him?

    And by the way, are you now a Nixon fan?

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    Not to mention that Thompson was a Watergate investigator for the people of the USA but thought that his sole responsibility was to act as a mole for Richard Nixon. Thompson is almost as sleazy as Mitt Romney.

    Ar these the best that the Republicans can come up with? Why can they come up with candidates who aren't so obviously dishonest?

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    I don't know about you- but I wouldn't put a lot of stock in Richard Nixon's opinion on anyone - he's a little tarnished himself.

  • Wait, Nixon is mocking him, and you see this as challenging Fred's legitimacy. I'm confused.

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