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how to lower blood pressure?

Hi, I've been trying to lower my blood pressure, I'm only 23 and have high blood pressure, im not obese, I weight about 168-170 and im about 5'8.5" About 3 years ago I weighed about 125, then when I met my girlfriend and started staying at her house, I gained the 35lbs or so rather quickly. I read online that Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium help lower blood pressure. I got some vitamins, and some magnesium pills. Theres not a lot of potassium or calcium in the vitamins though, I figured I get enough calcium, and planned to eat more foods with potassium. But after reading some of the foods that are high in potassium, I may get enough of that too, I drink quite a bit of orange and apple juice, and eat a lot of potatoes.

What else can I do to try to lower it? My grandpa died at a rather young age from a heart attack, and I would like to avoid that from happening to me. Thanks


I have never smoked, and dont drink but maybe once every 3 monthes if that.

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    Have you tried exercising? Cardio in particular. Walking, running,...

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    lifestyle modification is your answer.

    eat right, diet, and exercise. you tend to gain more weight when you tend to do less. based on your height, your weight is already considered "obese"

    by the way, you didnt mention your blood pressure but still you need to lose some weight, at least a total of 23 pounds. 145 lbs is your ideal weight.

    Source(s): based on WHO recommendation.
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