4 month old with post nasal drip?

My daughter is 4 months old. She has had some kind of cold since starting daycare a month ago. She now has a flemmy nasal thing going on. When she sleeps it sounds like she is sawing logs and inevidably she wakes up because she can't breath as easily as she would like. Also, she has been spitting up a lot in the last 48 hours and has been a little bit more fussy. Do you think that the flem is going into her stomach and making her upset/ sick? She isn't running a temp. Can I do anything for her?

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    I am having a similar thing going on with my son who is 6 months old. He just started daycare two weeks ago. Fortunetly, I am a nurse, so it doesn't scare me too bad yet. He has a runny nose and was playing with his ear this morning while nursing. I am worried he may have a mild ear infection along with a slight cold. For a cold there is not much you can do I don't think. I will be getting a humidifier today that is supposed to help with the stuffy nose by keeping babies mucous membranes moist. One good rule of thumb is -if baby doesn't have a temp its a cold, if baby has a temp it is the flu or an infection. If she doesn't have a temp you can bet it is a cold and there is not much you can do except help make her comfortable. But colds can lead to ear infections, so be on the lookout for a fever and the tugging on the ears. I am going to call the pediatrician today, but my guess is he will tell me there is not much he can do at this point and will want to "wait and see." I have been told by several moms that when their child was sick at a younger age in daycare that they had general better health as they got older because they built so many active immunities themselves (I want to protect him with mine from breastmilk :)))) You should call your doctor and see what they say. If she is that flemmy, there may be something else you can do. I do know that there is a new study out that says not to use any of the over-the-counter decongestants. So I guess we are out of luck there too! Good Luck and I hope I helped you at least feel better. I hope your baby gets better soon too.

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    Post Nasal Drip In Babies

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    My baby has been like this for months now, my doctor told me to give him saline drops/spray, a humidifier, or sit in a steamed out bathroom, I usually sit my baby up in the car seat and let him sleep there most of the time because it helps him breath better. My doctor also said I could give him Dimetapp Oral Infant Cold and Fever. I give him 0.75 mL every 8 hours when I need it, but I don't give it to him to much. It helps relieve some discomfort.

    When should I call the doctor?

    If your child has any of the warning signs listed in the box below, call your family doctor.

    Under 1 month old. Call your doctor right away if your baby's temperature goes over 100.5°F rectally, even if he or she doesn't seem sick. Babies this young can get very sick very quickly.

    One to 3 months old. Call your doctor if your baby has a temperature of 100.5°F (even if your baby doesn't seem sick) or a temperature of 99.5°F that has lasted more than 24 hours.

    Three months and older. If your child has a fever of 101.4°F, watch how he or she acts. Call your doctor if the fever rises or lasts for more than 3 days. In children 3 months to 2 years of age, if the temperature is 102°F, call your doctor even if your child seems to feel fine.

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    Call your doctor if your child has any of these warning signs

    Changes in behavior

    Constant vomiting or diarrhea

    Dry mouth

    Earache or pulling at ears

    Fever comes and goes over several days

    High-pitched crying


    Not hungry



    Severe headache

    Skin rash

    Sore or swollen joints

    Sore throat

    Stiff neck

    Stomach pain

    Swelling of the soft spot on the head

    Unresponsive or limp

    Wheezing or problems breathing


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    Not much you can do to treat a cold in a baby. Try a vaporizer. It could be because of the dry air that he's got a cough and it's irritating him. If baby's nose is quite stuffy, try some saline drops, Little Noses. They work wonders in helping clear out the nose and it's not medicated, just saline.

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    YES get a cool air humidifier. it will moisten her nasal passages and help her to breathe better while slleeping. IF you can keep her at home, keep the humidifier in the room she is in all the time until the symptoms disappear, then use while she sleeps.

    Source(s): same problem with my 6 week old daughter.
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