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urgent---f.4 chem

I want to ask what "paraffin oil" is and why is it so unreactive?

Please answer in English.

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    paraffin oil = Kerosene



    Since kerosene is chemically stable, it is used to store substances with redox tendencies within to prevent unwanted reactions, such as alkali metals. Kerosene is also used in the packaging and storage of White Phosphorus to prevent immediate combustion on contact with oxygen.

    Besides, kerosene can be used to store crystals. When a water-soluble crystal is left in air, dehydration may occur slowly. This makes the colour of the crystal become dull. Kerosene can therefore prevent the crystal contacting with air.

    It is used as a solvent and in conjunction with cutting oil as a thread cutting and reaming lubricant.

    It’s can protect the “reactant” from being reacted as it is a organic solvent(non-polar solvent). It can therefore pohibit the ioniztion of ionic substances(ionic substances dissolve in water to form mobile ions). The ionic substances mixed with non-polar solvent do not form mobile ions and hence many reaction can be stopped. It can protect metals as oxygen does not disolve in oil.

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