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人力資源 翻譯...

Each chapter’ssegment of the case will illustrate how the case’s main player—owner/manager Jennifer Carter—confronts and solves personnel problems each day at work by applying the concepts and techniques of that particular chapter. Here is background information you will need to answer questions that aries in subsequent chapters. (We also present a second, unre-lated “application case” case incident in each chapter.)

Carter Cleaning Centers

Jennifer Carter graduated from State University in June 2003, and, after considering several job offers, decided to do what she

Really always planned to do—go into business with her father,Jack Carter.

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    案件的每個章節』 ssegment將說明怎麼情形的主要球員所有者或經理詹尼弗每天卡特面對并且解決人員問題在工作通過申請那個特殊章節概念和技術。 這您在隨後章節將需要回答問題那白羊星座的背景知識。 (我們在每個章節也提出第二個,無關的「應用案件」案件事件。)




    Source(s): 我自己做的詳細資料
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