Joni Mitchell "Shine"?

Have you purchased the new Joni Mitchell album "Shine"?

If so, what do you think of it? Is it worth the $15.00?

I love older Joni stuff, would you find it similar to her older or newer stuff, or different all together?


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  • Bowzer
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    1 decade ago
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    Some reviews:,,21684...

    Quite positive.

    But Wilson & Alroy (who tend to be mean : ) say:

    "Mitchell's first album of new material in nine years, which is a cause for rejoicing until you actually start listening to the thing. Apart from two tunes retelling movie plots ("Hana"; "Night Of The Iguana") and a shapeless instrumental ("One Week Last Summer"), all the songs are morose laments about man's greed ruining the planet ("If I Had A Heart"; "Bad Dreams"). Mitchell has been sounding the eco-alarm since near the beginning of her career - a point she drives home by re-recording "Big Yellow Taxi" - but she's never sounded so haughty, so humorless, so hectoring. "This Place" is the one spot where really pulls these concerns into something meaningful: otherwise she just manages a few good one-liners ("Strong And Wrong") during a long, unrewarding slog (the seven-minute title track). The production is a mixed blessing: she's back to a normal acoustic guitar, and also plays piano on several tracks, with Klein and Blade backing. But then she can't leave well enough alone, piling on overdubs of synth imitating an orchestra, redundant pedal steel by Leisz and far too much soprano sax from Bob Sheppard (filling Shorter's usual role)."


    As a big Joni fan myself, I tend to regard her recent albums with some suspicion. So try to preview some of the album (even in the store or online) before paying the $15.00.

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