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Whether or not you like the Yankees....?

Would you agree that GM Brian Cashman's job should be more on the line than Joe Torre's? Between Giambi, Abreu, Mussina, and Clemens (at this stage of his career anyway) amounts to about $70 million of unnecessary payroll that I think should be gone next season. Its in the front office's hands who wears the uniform, Torre just puts the best lineup out there he can

And I know Im gonna hear how high the payroll is, and the championships are in the past (which someone tell georgie that id rather not win for 7 years than his 23 years of detroit not winning), and yes the indians just beat the yankees.....tell me something i dont know people.

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    Yes I do agree about Cashman............Torre does put the lineup out but on the field he also call shots, plays, etc.......Don't get me wrong, I don't want Torre to go and I think he's done an awesome job with the Yankees, but he's made some bad decisions on the mound...........Every manager makes some bad decisions and that's not enough to get him fired in my book...........We can surely get rid of Giambi, Mussina and Clemens but I think I would like to keep Abreu for at least another year...............Last I read the Yankee payroll is $210 million and people jump all over that.......Boston's payroll, I've read, is $195 million and that's never brought up and I don't see anything wrong with it........An owner, any owner wants a winning team and if that owner has the bucks to get it why not????..........The ones that don't put out, don't fill the seats, don't make it to the playoffs and are just seemingly interested in not putting out for a winner...........A lot of our players are homegrown but all they talk about are the ones that Steinnebrenner "bought"........Does anyone remember a few of the owner big mouth owners like former owner Marge Shotz???...........How about Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys???..........All we hear about is Steinbrenner..........Granted Steinbrenner is an idiot personified with no tact at all but I would like to hear about someone else for a change...........OK, I'll get off my soapbox now..........GOOD QUESTION!!!!!...........CAT

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    Yes. It's Brian Cashman that should be fired and not Joe Torre. Cashamn aquired all big name high salary position players, because of their offense with previous teams. From a business sence that makes sence because it sells out every game and makes the Yankees a fortune, so whether the Yanks pay $200 million a year or $400 million a year in salary it's cheap concidering how much the Yanks make a year. Having said that, as a fan the team is put together all wrong. Getting to the post season isn't a big acompliment in the American league for the Yanks because they are in the American League East and the only other good team is the Red Sox. Toranto at best is triple A, Orieals are double A, and let's face it Tampa is a joke they aren't even single A, so it's a given it will always be either the Yanks or Sox that win the division and all each is playing for is to secure a wild card. Having said that, it's in post season where the Yankees volneratbiities show, they have poor pitching horrible pitching. In regular season you can get away with bad pitching if your offense is good because there so many bad teams that those vulnerabilities don't show because you are winning games 8 to 6, 10 -7 whatever the score, but once you get to post season now you are only playing against the better teams and that's where a team base solely on offense will fail.. During the 90's the Yanks were biliut around pitching first, defense second, little ball third, and if they made a homers that was just the icing. Since 2000, they completly went away from that stratagy and started getting players solely for how they hit, and for over 100 years it's been proven over and over again it's pitching and defense that win's games and not hitting. Torre can only work with the players he has, and no manager could do any better than he has for the last 6 years because he has a poorly put together team and that's why it's cashman that should be fired because it was Cashman that put this team together.

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    You can't blame Cashman for making moves that could win him a championship, and the players not performing.

    First, Giambi was the reigning AL MVP when he was signed, at the time it was a great move by Cashman.

    Second, Abreu has been a good addition. Nothing you can really say to make it a great addition, and nothing really to discount it.

    Third, Mussina shouldn't even be in this conversation. He's been around for longer than most of these guys and has had amazing years and off years. most notably this year.

    And Clemens, don't even wanna talk about that one.

  • JG
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    As a life long Yankee fan I think it is easy to point fingers, but we really lost from top to bottom over the past few seasons in my opinion.

    Between the Boss and his meddling and ultimatums, Cashman making some horrible moves, the poor October performances of the players, and some of Torre's suspect in game decisions the Yankees were destined to fail when it counted most, October.

    I personally am 75/25 in favor of keeping Torre, but I am wise enough to know that the writing is on the wall in this case and Torre will be gone in the very near future.

    With that said, I don't think that firing Torre and Cashman is the right move to make.

    Also, in Cashmans defense, at the time of the moves, many of them looked to make perfect sense, they just happend to backfire.

    Bring back Torre with an experienced bench coach to assist with in game decisions. Bring back Mo, Posada, and Abreu. Also, try and coax Andy into staying for one more year. As for ARod, I'd like him to come back, but I hope that they don't over pay for him as the Yankees have MANY holes to fill, and $30,000,000 a year can help plug a lot of those holes.

    Source(s): GO YANKS!
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    As a Red Sox fan I pray every night that the Yankees fire Torre and give Cashman a big fat raise!!!!!! That guy is a joke and not even half the man Theo Epstein is. Once A-Rod is gone and Clemens retires again again, the Yankees can start thinking about the future, but nobody beats my Sox like Joe Torre, just look at this season... Oh well, 25 teams are already waiting at their phones to be the first to put in an offer after the press conference... Go Red Sox world champions 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Of coarse i agreed with you PAL ! While Cashman is signing huge checks unnecessary, Joe Torres has to do hundreds of combinations to put up with a lineup. Remember Joe Torres is not the one (batting,pitching,fielding,)it's those players who the GM signs huge amounts of checks,Plus other with a silly injury spends more time out than what they really play. To tell you the truth they don't make players like they use to,

    Source(s): There's an (80)% of the players that don't play for the love of the game. They only play for the love of "MONEY"$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    Don't forget when Cashman gave Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano big money. He's the guy that should go because Torre has been winning despite some awful decisions from upstairs.

    For more on the Yankees check this site out. http://www.yankeeslocker.com/

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    I agree- COMPLETELY. Poor Joe. If there ever was a Manager who doesn't DESERVE to be fired- it's HIM! And he hasn't been looking so healthy lately either- I've noticed. If he were SMART, he'd turn the "tables" on Steinbrenner- & announce his Retirement from the Yankee's AND baseball. He DESERVES a couple of years in the Stands- eating hotdogs & drinking a beer or three, & watching some OTHER poor Fool get kicked around by the Team Ownership. I'm sure NOBODY would blame him... :)

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    I'm not even an AL fan, but everything I have heard indicates that Torre did a great job getting the Yankee's to the playoffs.

    If he wants to keep working, some lucky team will get him next year.

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