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why do dentists put a drape a heavy lead apron across you before x-raying youre teeth?

why does youre dentist drape a heavy lead apron across you before x-raying youre teeth

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    Years ago, the lead aprons protected your uterus/ovaries or testicles from radiation exposure. Today, the x-ray beam is highly directed, and the gonads do not receive any measurable dose of radiation during dental x-rays. But, we still use leaded aprons. This is mainly for the patient's peace of mind. Lay persons do not realize that x-rays do not fly all willy nilly around a room or into your body. Many of my patients freak out if I am doing a toe x-ray and I do not have them covered in lead. To make them more at ease, I just cover them up with lead. Whatever makes them happy!!!

    This is a question answered by qualified medical personel who are experts in radiation and it's effects.....

    "QUESTION: I recently had some dental x rays and the operator forgot to place the lead apron on me. Is this a problem?

    ANSWER: Use of the lead apron to protect the patient undergoing dental radiographic examination was recommended some 50 years ago, when equipment was crude. This was because x-ray beams were not restricted to the area of clinical interest, beams were not filtered, and x-ray film was slower, causing radiation exposures 10 to 100 times higher than received today. With the current technology reducing radiation exposure significantly and the beam limited only to the area of interest, there is little or no measurable difference in whole-body dose whether a lead apron is used or not. The lead apron is no longer regarded as essential although some consider it a prudent practice, especially for pregnant and potentially pregnant females."


    Source(s): I am a radiologic technologist....
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    Dentists didn't used to do that when I was a child. The only people they put those lead aprons on were pregnant women.

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    The least radiation possibly is best if you only need Xrays of your teeth their is no reason the rest of your body should be exposed to the radiation

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  • Anonymous
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    I'm sure it's to help maintain the accuracy of the x-ray and possibly avoid health problems.

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    So your internal organs don't get exposed to the radiation from taking he x-rays.

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    To protect you from getting too much radiation exposure. It's a precaution, though, probably wouldn't cause any problems over time.

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    fyi you get exposed to more radiation in a plane from NY TO LA than in a full mouth set of x-rays.

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    Because x-rays are harmful to you.

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