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Is the IOC being too hard on Marion Jones?

I just feel bad for her. She made a mistake. She's apologized, but the way they are treating her now is just terrible. We all make mistakes. If we weren't fortunate to be around people who looked past that her saw the good in us where would we be.

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    The IOC and IAAF have specific rules on steroid and drug use. They are consistent with everyone in the world.

    Some people have used banned substances by accident and still been banned.

    She used and denied using drugs for years.

    The only way to reduce and hopefully eliminate drug use is when people understand that they will be caught and punished if they use banned substances.

    She is not being punished any more than anyone else, the difference is she is getting more publicity than most.

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    An apology is just words that were worked over and over, especially in sports. The fact is that she admitted to cheating in a year where she won Olympic medals. It was a mistake but a very costly mistake.

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    NO WAY. She cheated. She knew what she was doing. Everyone should be tested. That is the way to go. Then we would have clean games. OR no games at all.

    And I will look the other way, the next time someone robs a bank. Is that the same thing? He/she made a mistake.

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    Amature Sports states NO PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS.... Professional Sports states--NO PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS.....this woman accepted GOLD medals and continually over and over again LIED not only to the media, to the world, but to HERSELF as well and thought NOTHING of it for YEARS and YEARS....... In the meantime, making TONS of money in endorcements---money that SHOULD have gone to the silver medalist in her sports when she SHOULD have been disqualified years ago.... She probably cost the silver medalist MILLIONS of dollars in endorcement contracts while SHE sat and spent the money SHE was getting under FALSE PRETENSES... being too hard on her? Hell, not hard enough----and if she were a White woman who cheated and lied and kept up the lie for years, I would feel the exact same way---this is NOT an issue of color or race it is an issue of FAIR and HONEST PLAY!!!!! shame on Marion Jones.

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    WHAT? SHE CHEATED! She's lied about it for years. She belongs in PRISON and is going there for LYING to the feds. I suppose those girls that DIDN'T cheat should just give their medals to her too. Grow up. She is a liar and a cheater. Anyone that cheats in sports should be hanged. Anyone that sticks up for them is just as bad.

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    You don't understand the implications of what she did though...I almost felt sorry for her after the apology too, but she did lie, and ruined several athletic careers, stealing the medals from the other athletes.

    She only broke those records because of whatever drugs she took..

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    She is not the victim, those who should have you sympathies are the silver medalists who where denied the chance to become champions. And cash in on it later.

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    she cheated so she should face the consequences i do not feel sorry for her especially the fact that she lied.

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