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What are some main points of the Kanye West/50 cent rap battle?

Im writing an essay/Cd review and Im wondering what main points should be added to my essay.

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    there was no rap battle. kanye west moved his album back to 9/11 from 9/18. 50 said at first that if graduation (kanyes album) sold more than his he'd retire. than he changed and said that if he was out sold he'd release an album every time that a major artist from def jam released an album

  • if im correct, there was no "battle".......the key point is; kanye moved his album back to the same date as 50's, the media ate this "competition" up, the fans bought into it, and thats about it

  • 1. their both pop sellouts 2. they both are just doing this for attention. 3. selling records is all they care about...

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    chamillionaire album's "ultimate victory" is da best album ever

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