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China = WAR?

Would China go to war with the United States?

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    No, that is silly. China and the USA will never go to war.

    Several factors, neither side would win and we both know that.

    It would destroy our economies.

    And very likely involve the rest of the world.

    If that happens, we may as well kiss our collective azzzzzes goodbye.


    I'm an ex pat from the USA living in the heart of China.

    I wrote the following in another thread, it is just as applicable here at it was there.

    1 They are not communist country which is the polar opposite of capitalism, which they are. They are communist in name only.

    2 They have given their people more freedom in the last few decades then ever before in their 5,000 year history.

    3 They are actively correcting the problems with bad and dangerous products.

    4. They are actively correcting the problems with their pollution which they have said is terrible.

    5. They are reforming their judicial system

    6. They are slowly morphing into a democratic republic at their own pace, not the pace the west wants.

    7. They are not likely to repeat their mistakes. They are too old and wise for that.

    8. They are an extremely positive.

    9. They believe in a countries right to self determination and has made a pledge to the Chinese people they will not invade a sovereign country. The USA has made no such pledge in both regards. They believe in diplomatic solutions rather then negativism and threats.

    10. Unlike the USA, they plan for the future through a series of one and five year plans. That has proven to be a success because in the last 20 years they went from an economic joke to world class to very likely the most powerful economy in the future.





    Look at their world facts book, compare China to the USA. Then compare India to both the USA and China. I think you should be more alarmed about India then China, that is, if you take off the blinders and look at it pragmatically.

    A collection of articles, policy, and culture from the source.


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    This question gets asked a lot on news channels and newspaper publications, but it's all hype. Most people in the U.S. knows better than to believe the hype. If anybody have met Asians, they don't seem particularly violent. In fact, the Chinese seems subdue. Furthermore, China has nuclear weapons, as does the U.S. Neither country wants to blow each other to extinction. The U.S. will likely fight a war somewhere in the Middle East way or Eastern Europe (a country without nuclear armaments) way before it will ever fight a war with China.

    The Chinese are very industrious and work very long hours. This and cheap labor fueled their economic growth. However, just like most nations as living standards inevitably improve with economic growth, China is seeing giant spikes in wage costs, so they can't sustain cheap labor indefinitely. At that point another third world country from Africa or South America will fill China's shoes and become the cheap labor of choice for the world. It's impossible to stop the poor from being willing to work for less salary.

    It is best to not confuse war and economic competition.

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    Search "China" on this blog.

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    Highly unlikely unless the the whole arguement over Tawian boils over. While the USA and China are not the best of friends they still rely heavily on each other to survive.

    Economically the war would not make sense. China relies heavily on its trade with the USA. While they do get their resources from other nations, many of their finished products wind up on the shelves of Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, etc.

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    Let's be honest, money talks in this world. It takes ALOT to go willingly into a destructive war with your main trading partner. The economic repercussions would be worldwide and unbearable for China and the U.S. The Chinese communist dictators are scared to death of their own people, they want to grow the economy and create new jobs, not destroy it with a war. It could happen in the future, but not if capitalists continue to run both of our countries.

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    I would hope not, but with the U.S. Navy and the Pacific Ocean, I'm not sure there is much China could do.

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    In next 50 yrs, the dragon will lead an army, supported by Russia, disgruntled middle east Islamic nations and North African countries.

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    No they make toooooo much money off our economy. (Made in China) ring a bell? Although I believe they will indeed be involved in WWIII when ever it happens.

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    Unless things change, China's said they want Taiwan back.

    The US said it will defend Taiwan.

    Whatever else, there ya go.

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    Those people are crazy enough to go to war with anyone, but right now they are trying to defeat us by poisoning our kids with lead based paint.

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