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I cant go to the store and buy her shampoo or what ever is there some homemade shampoo i can bathe her with she is a lil chihuahua


it doesnt have to be shampoo

Update 2:

i dont bathe her 1nce a week but thanks anyways

Update 3:

i get her orgaix

Update 4:

edit organix

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    Your dog has dry skin so you need to NOT bath it more than once a month because it strips their skin of essential oils. Use a dog shampoo with oatmeal in it.

    It really is best to buy a good quality dog shampoo from the store (try an all-natural one so it doesn't contain harsh chemicals), but you can try putting 1 cup of water, 1 1/2 cup oatmeal, and 2 tablespoons of a light soap such as Dawn- the oatmeal helps with dry/itchy skin.

    PetSmart has some great dog shampoos with oatmeal, I use it for my three dogs.

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    There are a lot of reasons that dogs get dry skin. Some of it can be genetic and some of it can be caused by lack of essential oils and lack of proper nutrients in the diet, allergies, etc...

    A few suggestions that you can look into but it isn't a quick fix and you may not have any of this stuff just laying around

    1. Shampoo types - Make sure you use a mild shampoo when you bathe so as to not excessively strip oils from the skin. They must say mild. Most human products are not good for your dog b/c they are not made for your dog, they are made for people. With that being said, I've had a vet prescribe the Aveeno oatmeal soak and shampoo for a dog with major skin problems. The oatmeal is the key b/c it is good for your and your dogs skin.

    2. Food quality - High quality dog foods are better digested by your dogs stomach and have better ingredients and are therefore more healthy for your dog. The quality of your dogs food can alter his body chemistry and can affect his skin. The natural dog foods are the best usually with improving skin coats in dogs. My dog's coat shines when she eats all natural dog food.

    Essential oils - I use an essential fatty acid supplement in my dog's food to help with skin coat. Sometimes this is lacking in their diet. It is just fish oil and you can get it at any vitamin shoppe or grocery store or even a pet store. Also, I give my dogs low fat cottage cheese as a snack every nite and maybe a raw egg too. These things are supposed to help with skin coats as well.

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    Your dog has dandruff because his skin is in poor condition, which is most likely his diet. I hope you are not feeding him any generic brand of food like Pedigree, Iams, etc. If you are, please research and get him a good premium dog food (Innova, Canidae).

    Also, you should give him a raw egg in his food like once or twice a week which will fix this problem. See, eggs have Omega 3-6 acids which will the skin of a dog. Also, make sure he gets some sor of vitamins daily, and add either Fish Oil or Flax Seed Oil to his diet.

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    It could be mites. My puppy had caught mites from our neighbors' rabbits and had alot of flaking on her skin, the treatment cost £20 and was over 3 months and was from our vets.

    I've heard you can give a dog pure fish oil, about half a tea spoon a day would probably be the right amount for a little chihuahua, but research a bit about it on google first to check it's safe.

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    you can use regular dandruff shampoo or a moisturizing conditioner. All dogs have dander but in extreem cases it could be due to an allergy to their food. You can try adding an egg or like a teaspoon of vegitable oil to her food. you also can get human vitamin E gel caps and put that directly on the spots.

    Good Luck

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    I used the human kind on oirs, it worked fine:)

    Is the dog ancious? Ours gets dandruff with every vet visit, it goes away too...

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    I have to get special shampoo for my puppy or his skin will flake. I would check with your vet my sister in law has a chihuahua that has skin problem i think they tend to. the shampoo i use is hylyt..also maybe start bathing her ever 2 weeks.that maybe why her skins dry. do not use people shampoo...

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    I don't have any Ideal you need to talk to someone else OKay I don't have any Ideal So please ask someone else about it Sorry I don't know the answer OKay

  • when you have time you can go to the dollar store and they have some cheap stuff that works there

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