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Happy Birthday Eddie Guerrero?

Today is Eddie Guerrero's birthday. Even though he is not alive, id like it if you all put happy birthday eddie in your answer.

What was your favorite Guerrero match/moment?

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    Happy Birthday Eddie,

    Happy Birthday Latino,

    Happy Birthday true LEGEND.

    Happy Birthday to you!!

    I hope you were here to die out the 40 candles!!

    We miss you Eddie,God bless you...

    Viva La Raza!!orale...

    WQ: His best match in my eyes was when he finally won the big one the WWE Championship at No Way Out 2004 against Brock Lesnar..He had so many great matches though..I also really enjoyed his last match against Kennedy!That's why he was one of a kind,He could use anything to win a match!!

    and of course like the other guys mentioned,the favorite moment was when he hugged Chris at the end of WMXX..That was finally justification for two of the most underrated wrestlers of all time at that moment...

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    Eddie Guerrero Birthday

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    Happy Birthday Eddie! We Love and Miss You.

    Favorite Moment- Guerrero and Benoit Hugging To End WM 20.

    Favorite Match- Vs. Rey Mysterio Halloween Havoc '96.

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    Happy Birthday Eddie Guerrero (R.I.P), Legend that will live on forever. Favorite Moment: Eddie defeating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at NO WAY OUT 2004!! I was very excited that Eddie beat Brock for the WWE Championship because he deserved it and further cemented his legacy. If Eddie was alive today, he would have a feud with Edge over the World Title on Smackdown.

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    Happy Birthday Eddie! We all miss you!

    My favorite match was when he won the title against Lesnar at No Way Out 2004. And I'm saying this not because it's Eddie's birthday but because it's the first WWE Championship match I've ever seen and it was also the best.

    My favorite moment was the tearful yet joyful ending at Wrestlemania 20. Benoit and Eddie.

    Viva La Raza!

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    Happy Birthday Eddie Guerrero!!!

    Viva La Raza!!!

    My fav. Eddie Moment was when He won WWE Championship.

    Lie,Cheat & Steal!!!

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  • Happy Birthday Eddie!!!!

    WE MISS YOU!!!!!

    Well, we all know he is celebrating up there with all the others!

    I can hear them chanting his name..."EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE!"

    As we all know....

    he lied......

    he cheated.....

    and he stole our hearts!

    God Bless you Eddie!

    I bet he is on his Lowrider right now, partying it out with his Mamacitas! =)

    Wrestling Question:

    My favourite Eddie Guerrero moment/s.....

    I have many, but I will give you my TWO faves!

    1) At WrestleMania 20. Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship!

    That was such an amazing match! So much talent in it! But the best part was the way Eddie retained the WWE Championship! Kurt has Eddie in the Angle Lock, Eddie reversed and pushed Kurt out of the ring, then Eddie untied his shoes laces, loosining his boots. Then as Angle came in and applied the lock again, the boot came of, Kurt was shocked, Eddie performed small package...1....2....3! "Here's your inner and still the WWE Champion....EDDIE GUERRERO!!!!"

    LOOOOOVED THAT MOMENT! It was funny! Lie, Cheat and Steal of coarse!

    2) Also at No Way Out 2004, Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship!

    With Eddie hitting that Frog Splash, the crowd on their feet, the ref counting the 3 was just a moment we will never forget!!!!!

    There are other moments that are very emotional, like when Eddie and Benoit were backstage at WrestleMania 20! Nothing emotional was said, but now with the both of them gone, it's heart breaking!

    And especially at the end of WresleMania 20, when Benoit and Eddie were THAT'S a moment to remember!



    Yeah, we lie, we cheat and we steal....but atleast we're honest about it! hehe!


    Great job mentioning this day!

    *Raises glass*..."For Eddie!"

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  • Happy Birthday Eddie, u was the best man R.I.P

    Favorite moment-When he won the title

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    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you!

    Happy birthday dear Edddie! Happy birthday to you!

    RIP, Eddie! We all miss you!

    My favorite Eddie moment was when he won the WWE championship at No Way Out a few years ago.

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    Happy Birthday Eddie we all love u

    Eddie For Ever

    the best match Eddie vs kurt

    the best moment when he was on the ring with benoit at WM20

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