Want to start a Ebay business, details listed in my question. Help me?

I want to start a ebay business. I want to buy designer clothing, (Ambercrombie and other brands) electronics, (computers, Mp3 players. Ipods, Laptops) directly from factorys at bulk at a discount price (like retailers do) and then retail them at my ebay store for retail price.

I mean stores can order IPODs, Clothing, Cds, DVDs computers, playstations and X-boxs from suppliers and then retail them and make profits. So how can I do the same thing?

I want to learn how to do this. Can someone explain this to me?

I dont want to use a PAY company to do this for me I want to do all the ordering and shipping myself.

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    unless you have a lot of start up money or going to take out a big loan then i doubt you'll have such a diverse store(difference clothing brands and electronics) or at least at 1st

    now a store can buy in bulk because they most likely have a lot more money than you. when you buy in bulk the more you buy the cheaper the price is per unit. however they have to inflate the priced to pay for rent, storage, employee slaray, benefits etc...if you are the only person running your ebay business then you would only be paying yourself and most likely be running and storing it out of your home.

    its a good thing you dont want to pay a company to do the ordering and shipping for you, even buying a wholesale list is a ripoff

    when selling a product the key is to buy low and sell high. you need a product that people want but not too many people are selling it. unfortunately the clothing electronic route might not be the best route to take. look at ebay and see how many people are selling it. TONS that means the market is saturated and its hard to break into it. if theirs tons of competiton then prices are driven down and people tend to go with whoever is the lowest and whoever is better known(how long they've been with ebay, feedback rating, etc...). now im not trying to discourage you, you can definitely make it work just know that its going to be a lil more difficult than you probably think.

    anyways to buy products at a cheap price you need to find a wholesale company. DO NOT pay for a list of wholesalers theres many places online that say they'll give you a list for a fee. with a little bit of effort you can find a wholesaler for FREE.

    whatever product you wish to sell lets say ipod find out who makes the product(the manufacturer), for ipod that would be apple. call apple ask about setting up an account to buy wholesale from them. 95% chance they'll say no. its ok ask them who their wholesaler is, get the contact number/address/fax and ask the wholesaler about buying from them. that wasnt too hard and it was free

    anyways be prepared to give the wholesaler proof that you are a business; a business card, business license, federal/state tax id, etc..what you didnt think they'd just sell stuff dirt cheap to anyone did you? a real wholesaler MUST have you tax id to sell stuff to you wholesale if they dont they risk losing their business license. so like many of these so called "wholesalers" on the internet that dont ask for it arent really wholesaler they are the middleman so they jack up the price.

    i called a wholesaler last week and they wouldnt even give me a quote untill i faxed them my business card and tax id

    for a federal tax id go here


    for state

    for a state tax id

    look for your state's comptroller of public accounts

    remember the goverment wants their taxes

    anyways once you have all that and you get some quotes on prices from the wholesaler you then need to go to ebay and see similar items are selling for. you have to be competitive and sell at the same price or lowers, but you're also there to make a profit. so then calculate how many of the items you would have to buy to sell at a competitive rate and still make a profit. once again remember the more you buy the cheaper the price will be per unit. but the bad thing is if you buy a large sum of a product that doesnt sell you're stuck with it and will suffer a lose there too.

    when figuring out how much to sell it for you also have to take into consideration of ebay fees, paypal fees, shipping and handling

    and even on top of that marketing is important too theres is ways of making your product/page look more appealing to attract more customers


    is a free tool in gathering market trends


    is a good free website with starting a business

    i also suggest going to the library or barnes and noble and read some ebay business books it will greatly help you and your business

    good luck, work hard, dont expect to get rich over night, dont get discouraged, and have fun

    Source(s): several websites concerning ebusinesses and read several ebay books
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    The problem with your idea is that you expect to sell the items on eBay at retail prices. No one pays retail prices, or anything close to them, on eBay.

    You will loose your shirt.

    The only way to make any money at all on eBay is to buy large lots of cheap junk and sell each item for ten cents each. You'll need to run a thousand listings at a time.

    There are easier ways to make real money than eBay. Like a real job for instance.

    Source(s): Me - tried the eBay thing
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