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Why in Tamil Nadu nobody is willing to speak in Hindi?

In South India in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka they are willing to speak in Hindi. Only Tamil Nadu and Kerala people not like speaking in Hindi. Why?

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    Why should they?

    tamil language and tamil films and tamil songs

    much more beautiful than HINDI,...

    12 percent of Lankans speak Tamil too,... it a musical language.

    kerala & tamilnadu are right...

    they are unique...

    unlike hindi~

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    First of all people of kerala and tamil nadu are not fluent in speaking hindi though they know how to read and write Hindi. Hence they prefer to talk in their mother toungue in noprmal course. However, when the situation demand, they will defenitely speak in Hindi.

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    1 decade ago

    Why should they learn how to speak Hindi? They ahve been speaking Tamil and Malayaalam for hundred of years and they can;'t just start speaking hindi because its the national language. Thats just like asking the North Indians to speak Tamil and Malayaalam. There is probably more people in South India who know how to speak Hindi than people in North India speaking Tamil or Malayaalam.

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    Because we know Tamil is better than Hindi

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    1 decade ago

    Why should not people in Delhi and Punjab speak Tamil and Malayalam.Its only according to the situation that anybody can speak other languages.I think people in Kerala know pure hindi when they r outside the state.

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    Beacause Except TAMIL other languages are somehow related to SANKSKRIT which is the mother language of HINDI.

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    Hi dude!! There is no any necessity for them to speak Hindi. Ofcourse Hindi is our national language but people there speak tamil and malayalam only. U cannot expect every people to speak in Hindi. Tamil and malayalam are their own language and it's only unfair when they dont' speak Tamil&malayalam not Hindi.

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    Hi Imran,

    The truth is we don't know Hindi. How one can speak the language which they don't know at all. Here in TN in schools are teaching only Tamil/English.

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    1 decade ago

    That is the past not the present.In chennai everyone almost 50% know to speak Hindia.Even i know.I know Telugu,Tamil,Malyalam,Kannada,Hindi,Sanskrit and English.

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    Why should they & why should chief of minister of Tamil Nadu listen to Indian local government.

    Edit: History & geography plays a role to your insecure question & below me is blaming one particular group of ethnic group, why every nation has uneduacted people in every country.

    Edit: u change ur answer eh.

    Like I said, history & geography plays a role if, Tamils want to learn then thats good.

    It like asking how come anglo-americans dont want to learn Spanish where Spanish has over 800 million speakers world wide.


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