How does the bible affect the everyday lives of christians?

I just want your opinions, as I have a class debate in an hour. (20:04 GMT)


Thank you, All. My debat is in Half an hour, and i have all the opinions I need :)

Update 2:

And, special thanks to Hanna J Paul. Your answer was a great one, and I am sure that it will be one of the best points made at the debate :)

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    i think it can be positive if a person is truley inspired by it but people "try" to become somthing because they see themselves as different and seperatists from everyone else .. the perspective is that we are not ok the way we are but if we got good at "things" then this is our goals .. i think this is wrong .. the game should be to find out what we already are and realize that we are all special and powerful beings .. and to realize we are lied to from practically every source seeking to manipulate our lives .. these sources plant the idea in our head that we should have the attitude that if im just left alone in my little house and the things im entertained by then that will be fine .. we should all have the attitude that we are not going to take being manipulated and we are NOT going to just accept the larger things perpetuated on us by those seeking power over us .. so i guess its how educated and free thinking a person actually is on what affect it will have ...

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    That is an excellent question. Thank you for the opportunity to provide one of the responses. For most [professed] Christians, the Bible merely contains a set of religious teachings and beliefs which fit into the routine of that professed Christian's life to a greater or lesser degree. It has little, if any, bearing on that individual's everyday life. If scriptures fit in conveniently, all well and good. If they don't, that [professed] Christian can readily dismiss or adjust those scriptures that do not conform to what he wants.

    For these ones, then, the Bible is a social gospel. True Christians, however, view the Bible altogether differently. To the true Christian, the Bible is the expression of God's purpose towards earth and toward all of us upon it; He inspired it to reveal to us what He has done in the past and what He fully intends to do in the future. It tells us how we can have a part in that future; a part that means life and salvation.

    Hannah J Paul

  • Esther
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    There are so many things in the bible that relate to every day life. Here is a sampling:

    "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all things will be added to you" (put God first in all things, don't worry about material goods, or anything, He will supply them)

    "whatever is true, whatever is good, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is excellent; if there is anything praiseworthy or admirable, think about these things". (There is alot of filth all around us; keep your focus on things that are fine and good and pure. This usually involves the things of God, not of the world).

    "do nothing out of vain conceit or selfish ambition, but in all things consider others better than yourself". (Relax, stop trying to put yourself first. Let others go first. Look to their needs. God will take care of yours).

    That is three out of literally thousands. What a joyful life!

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    The bible impacts my life as it is my path in life, it lights the way, helps me to make wise choices. It gives me strength in the hard times and helps me to rejoice in the good times. It is a lot more than a book of rules, it is a way of life, a commitment, a promise, a covenent with God.

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    Most Christians don't live like the bible affects their life.

    But It should. Entirely! the Bible is believed by most Christians and myself, to be truth. Inspired by God it is without error and with a capability to address most issues. I believe each book of the Bible to be written by men of God who did not personally write what they wanted but what the Spirit of God directed them to write. There might be a few discrepancies between books but the overall story and theme rings true: Jesus is Lord!

    And if God is Lord of your life, you should obey Him. Problem is, Christians, like most people, are people. And people are

    stupid. We mess up and I am sorry for it. Most Christians don't live like the bible affects their life. It's sad but true. Most Christians claim to be Christians when they might not be. Sacry but true. And further, most Christians sin just like everyone else. But we are forgiven so we rejoice. We are going to heaven. We are saved by grace through faith, not because we do good stuff, but because of the grace of God. Anyone else can be saved through accepting Christ as Lord.

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    It should be involved in everything we do.

    Everything we hear, say, do, should be tested by Scripture.

    It is a guideline for living. As Christians, we aspire to sanctification, and being more Christ-like.

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    Simple decisions like other people make such as going to a bar, a christian will think twice about, every action we make, or i make i check it against what the bible says. obedience to God is the beggining of wisom

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    im true to my husband and i dont lie or cheat...see how that works? ten commands are for our own good..

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