Aren't squirrels the cutest?

So, I was just outside having a smoke (yeah yeah, I am down to ultra lights) and I see a squirrel at the other end of my yard. I made some clicking sounds to get its attention and I started hippity-hopping over to me, stopping, then starting again when I spoke softly to it. It got to two inches from my bare feet when I shifted my weight to look down at it, then it ran.

Still, the most adorable little critter.

Off-topic, but I thought it might lighten the mood.


It lightened my mood anyway, so I wanted to share.

Update 2:


Bon temps rouler!

Alligator meat is great though

Update 3:


I always talk to animals and they frequently approach me. (I've also noticed a few nights the deer peering in through my window watching me sleep, which freaked me out at first, but a friend told me they do that with bears too and probably think I am one.)

You're probably right about the inhaling.

Update 4:


No, Creole.

Gator meat has the protein of beef, the good cholesterol of salmon, and as low in fat as chicken.

Plus, personally I feel less ethical concern eating reptiles!

Update 5:


I loved your story. Kids are so adorable. Especially in small doses.

Update 6:


Some of the most loving animals I've known have been rats!


Good point about them getting too tame. they also end up more vulnerable.

Update 7:

"Squirrel whisperer"! ROTFLMAO!

Update 8:

robert j

FYI, this is the 4th posting of yours I've reported today. One needn't be a feminist to see how totally UNCOOL your conduct is.

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    Nooo, you can't quit by going lighter. You just inhale deeper. It will still be a ***** to cut them out of your life anyway.

    I'd be suspicious of a squirrel who was that friendly... rabies and such.

    Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer.

    Have a great day.

    Source(s): Gnu: huh, interesting. Maybe you're the squirrel/deer whisperer or something. They're usually not friendly to humans.
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    The new topic of this thread will be: The cutest thing you've seen in the past month.

    One day, my brother and I went to the park to feed the ducks. There was a little girl there was was probably about two years old. I gave her a small handful of our oats. Whenever she threw them through the fence, she would start talking about how ducks swim and fly and walk. I could barely understand her two-year-old voice, but she seemed very precocious.

    EDIT: OK, my idea didn't catch on. Squirrels are cute.

    EDIT TO ROBERT J: No, I don't wish I had a daughter. Like Gnu Sense, I only like kids in small doses.

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    I have an albino squirrel in my yard right now. Beautiful creature. It's fun to let the dogs out and watch the fluffy white tail scamper up a tree.

    Ya gotta watch if they get too tame, though. When I was in college, all the students fed the campus squirrels so they were very friendly. One day as I was walking to class, eating a bagel, one of the hungrier little critters boldy climbed right up my leg! It startled me so much that I dropped the bagel and he grabbed it and took off with it.

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    We had a squirrel that lived in the tree just outside of our apartment, and for whatever reason, would scamper down the tree anytime my boyfriend came home, and sit on his arm and eat walnuts, etc. out of his hand. She’d let me hand her walnuts.

    BTW: Squirrel doesn’t taste good in gumbo.

    EDIT: GNU Sense – passez un bon temps aussi, mon ami! I like alligator meat, too!

    Are you Cajun? We tend to eat anything at least once…

    EDIT II: Johno -- here's a recipe for rabbit and squirrel sauce piquante. However, I prefer it with just the rabbit:

    Source(s): Experience with gumbos.
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  • ghil
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    3 years ago

    Um... is this a trick question, i could no longer elect!!! the gray one is all like "my nut!!!, i'm gonna ignore approximately you and in case you bypass away i wont provide you rabies!!!!" and tehn the pink one is all "i'm too cool for you, look at my mohawk ears yo! gangsta ho!" and then the flying squirrels like "if i dont pass, you cant see me... vast animal withough fur and AHHH! astounding bulb, astounding bulb!" aww they're all so lovable

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My cat watches them everyday. One of them is her little buddy. My cat is inside, on the patio, and the squirrel just jumps around in the yard. It's a freaking circus to watch them. I think the cat would really like to catch that little squirrel tail that's constantly wagging around...

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    Yeah, I love all those furry little creatures and the innocent way they scamper around. Reminds me that we're all part of the circle of life.

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    Personally I like chipmunks better. =) We have a cabin in the mountains in Colorado and there is a chipmunk that will eat peanuts from our hands and fill his cheeks to the fullest...we call him Chubby he is so cute. =)

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    They are cute, but don't start feeding them or they'll tear your house apart making nests...and you'll never get rid of them~~

    Source(s): experience
  • Johno
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    1 decade ago

    Wow I didn't know you could eat squrrels the two in my back yard are going to be history. yum yum.

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