The Burtonwood Association is having a meeting in Warrington next year .. where can I find a "free" streetmap?

I know of no US community .. no matter how small .. which doesn't have a "tourist" organization which provides maps and names of hotels and eating places .. what is it with these Brits? They don't want Yankee dollars?

I asked the Warrington Council .. they gave me the net address of several companies who print and sell maps!


Does anyone really see a group of people wandering around with photocopied sheets of Googled maps .. all scotchtaped together?

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  • Paul H
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    1 decade ago
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    Most people go onto Google maps and print what they need.

    Warrington is not a haven for tourism, so the free issue streetmaps normally associated with tourists needs are probably not printed. In fact the only things that bring visitors to Warrington are the large shops (Ikea, Marks and Spencer) which are on the site of the Burtonwood airbase.

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