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what is the difference between an electrostatic and a ribbon loudspeaker?

what are the plusses and minuses of each. And some examples...

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    Hi benny have a look at the link below .



    Both Electrostatic and Ribbon speakers have a very detailed transparent sound particularly in the treble and midrange frequencies.Because Electrostatics require a high voltage charge to the perforated plates there is always the chance of spiking and or power failure to your house wiring.Ribbons don't need to be charged from the power point hence there is never a problem with electricity.

    One of the best Electrostatic speakers are made by Martin Logan .Apogee are famous for their full range Ribbons.

    One important point to remember is that both Electrostatics and Ribbon loudspeakers are Di-pole meaning the radiate their sound from the rear as well as the front.Therefore placement is critical for best sound results.Because of their design

    Electrostatics and ribbons are unable to reproduce the lowest bass frequencies and therefore benefit by adding a woofer or subwoofer to extend their range .

    Source(s): High Fidelity Sound Enthuisiast.
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