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Jack Russell Pup?

My fiance DESPERATLY wants a Jack Russell puppy and I am trying to find one for him as a wedding gift. Does anyone know if there are any respected breeders in the Oklahoma area? Any help is appreciated! THANKS!


I just want to defend myself here and say I agree with the whole gift thing...I used a bad choice of words. I am an animal shelter puppy that I got a few months ago was a rescue and I love him very much. I have looked at the shelters around here and haven't found anything. Most of the dogs around my town that are in shelters are farm dogs since we live in a large farm area. And we aren't getting married til June of '08 and the dogs that we already have are taken care of for the time we will be away. That was actually the first thing I thought of. Thanks for the help....and don't worry my puppy is my life he is part boxer part coonhound and he goes everywhere with me. I look forward to doing the same stuff with a new puppy.

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    Jack russells are genetically healthy dogs getting one from a shelter would be ok there seems to be alot of jack russell/beagle or other terrier mix puppies in shelters..if you think your fiance would love that just as much I'd go that way.

    UPDATE** hmm maybe in the meantime you can call some shelters to maybe go on a waiting list for any jack russell pups? I'm not sure if shelters out of state would ship a puppy to you, I know shelters ship to other shelters though so I don't see why not, you can do a petfinder search just for jack russell puppies find a rescue and ask if they ship?

    another option is to ask your vet for a breeders list, my vet was able to help me out when I was curious about lab breeders, they had a big book with every dog breed in it and breeder listed in my area maybe yours will have that info too.

    or found these sites,

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    I also have a jack russell/ yorkshire terrier blend. He does the comparable element in his sleep. He starts to convulse and making unusual mouth movements. i think of this is purely a breed element simply by fact I had a chum with a jack russell and he or she did the comparable element. it is not something to truly complication approximately. i think of they are dreaming. only wake your little pup up and make confident she's ok. I constantly discover that my pup is thirsty afterwards to aim to grant her some water. many times they're going to easily pass lower back to sleep like no longer something occurred. i know this is stressful yet do only no longer complication simply by fact it will make you loopy! LOL. by using the way congrats on your pup. Jack Russells are a handful, so be arranged for their hyperness. on the different hand they are between the neatest and maximum dependable dogs ever. :o)

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    I don't know where you can, but I'm concerned about the timing of this present. Unless you give it before the Wedding or several days after, the attention probably will be on the new puppy and not the wedding.

    Then, where are you going to put it if you get it before the Wedding. Also, you can't take it on a Honeymoon.

    Besides, is the the right gift to be given at Wedding time. If this dog is going to be apart of both your lives, up to 13 years, I think you would want your Husbands input on what to get. Color, Sex, Age makes the whole difference.

    Source(s): Retired Police K-9 Instructor and Dog Trainer with 35 years experience
  • Try these and some other searches:

    ...there are sites like these all over the internet you just have to check... also check for shelters and adoption homes near you, they might have some Jack Russell puppies there... plus, you can find breeders in your area.

    check this out too:


    hope this helps... :)

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    An animal is NOT a "gift". i can't stand when people refer to animals as "gifts".

    I'm bringing home my jack russell terrier from my local animal shelter tomorrow. so go to your local animal shelter(s) and look there or at, they are in need of homes and they will be your bestfriend.

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    Try you can do look up just JR breeders or you can look by state. Good luck and congrats on getting married!

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