Question about nursing bras?

I went and tried on a few nursing bras last night, only to become very frustrated. Are they supposed to run big in the cup size? I'm certain that I'm a 36C, but they were HUGE on me! I know that once my milk comes in after delivery that my breasts will grow, but is that the reason?

Also, most of the ones I tried on last night, the flap that comes down to reveal the nipple doesn't come all the way down - it seems as if it would be in the way for the baby...

Any suggestions or brands of nursing bras you recommend?

Thanks in advance!

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    They do tend to run a little bigger than regular bras, because, when your milk comes in, your breast will grow SO much, that you will need that extra space.

    I've gotten bras at Babies R Us, Motherhood Maternity, and even K-mart, I'm sure you can also find them at Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Wal-Mart. Let me suggest you get a few bras, because at first you will have so much milk you will be changing bras during the day, also, something I got was a nursing bra that looks like a sports bra, it's made for night time feeding, it's just cotton without any under wire, that comes in so handy and they are super comfortable.

    Another thing, remember to get nursing pads, I've tried them all, I recommend Lansinoh. You can find these at Target, Babies R Us, Publix, Wal-Mart. These pads are very thin, they accommodate to your breast, and are very absorbent. Also get the Medela PureLan 100 Lanolin or the Lansinoh Lanolin, it comes very useful when you have sore nipples, which they will get, maybe even crack a little, and this helps a lot.

    A bit of advice, your breast will hurt a little at the beginning, but don't let this discourage your breastfeeding, it wont last long, just for a couple of weeks while your breast get use to the constant sucking they will receive. Remember that this is super healthy for your baby, and it's the best form of nutrition for him/her.

    I wish you the best of luck on your journey to motherhood. CONGRATULATIONS!! God Bless!!

    Source(s): Mother of two only breastfed babies, still nursing one.
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    I am guessing the XL nursing shirt would be fine. Even if it is a little big it's ok. I don't think it would be very comfortable for things to be very tight anyway after you have the baby. As for the bra, that is a little more difficult. I always waited until after I had the baby to figure out what size I needed. Maybe you can order one of the size you think might work. This way you have one for when you are in the hospital and something to come home in. See how that works and then figure out what you will need after that. I would wait until your milk comes in as well because your size will change. Good luck and congrats.....

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    Target!! I have an expensive bra that cost 55$ that I bought online and it's SERIOUSLY no different then the Target bra.

    Don't buy any real bras for now not until your milk comes in.

    Target has tanks and kind of like a sports bra for 12.50 and 14.99 they come in black and white that you can buy now I bought true to my size at the time and since they are stretchy it really doesn't matter. When I had the baby I was a whole size bigger and still am , but when I have no milk, say after I pump my bra is just slightly loose in the cup, but fills up fast.

    If you would prefer a brand name bra I would say wait, bu cheap (cheap in price not quality) I would invest in the Target tank or sports bra for now.

    The flap situation is not what you think, I also thought it was just supposed to flap down. On all the bras you'll will have to gently pull it down and tuck it underneath your breast, kind of like rolling it up and tucking it into the bra.

    ** I took my sports maternity bra with me in my hospital bag,

    I'm so glad I did.

    I'm sooo glad Tanya agrees, they are my absolute favorite also!!!

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    There are so many different nursing bras to choose from. Go to Motherhood Maternity and have them measure you. My advice is to buy 4 bras to start. 2 night bras (they offer less support but allow you to sleep comfortably w/ pads to prevent leaking) and 2 day bras (which offer better support). That will get you started for the first few weeks. After you know how your body is reacting, you'll know what kind of bras you'll want more of. Motherhood Maternity's prices aren't any more expensive than any other place and they offer a good selection. Also, invest in a few different brands of pads. You'll be shocked on how much you'll leak. It's messy. Also, you'll want to go bra shopping as close to the end of your pregnancy as possible. Your breasts might change dramatically in the last few weeks. I went from a C cup to Pamela Anderson in 3 weeks. Good luck!

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  • Tanya
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    My best suggestion is don't buy any more until your baby has arrived... one is enough.

    You just don't know what size you'll need... some women balloon out, others don't. My mother swore I needed these huge bras, because she went from an A cup to a D cup when I was a baby... so I wear a B cup, and bought a couple of Cs and a D thinking I'd really need them. I didn't. I only filled up my Bs and was much more firm... but the Cs were too big.

    And as far as the flaps... trust me baby won't care, it's not in the way, as long as your entire areola and a tiny bit of skin under the areola is out, it's enough!!

    this is my favorite breastfeeding info site:

    links on bras:

    my personal favorite, for my whole 18 months of nursing, was the Target brand sports bra. I had a ton of them, and one nice lightly padded bra from Motherwear for when I got dressed up and wanted to look a bit more shapely :)

  • Annie
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    Hi there! You will get bigger as the dues date approaches and then when you start nursing. I went from an A to a D.

    I suggest you wait until close to the end to buy them. Do not buy wired bras, they will be very unconfortable and also interfere with milk production (pressure on ducts). I found some really nice ones at walmart, I can't remember the brand, but they only had one. mare sure the closure is a snap on, not an eye hook, so you can open and close it with one hand. Good luck.

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    I love the nursing bras at Target. They fit well and are inexpensive.

    I bought bras from JC Penney and they were huge ~ had to ship them back. I bought a $50 Medela bra and the underwire poked through and was jabbing within the 1st hour of wearing it. I tried bras on at Motherhood Maternity and they ran extremely small. My point... You're not alone in your quest!!

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): Mom of one with number two on the way!
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    1 decade ago

    unfortunately, i had the opposite problem. i tried so many bras, and none were big enough. i fit into a 38c regular bra, but the same sizes and even larger sized nursing bras felt too tight. i ended up using a sports bra, and lifting one side or the other. ghetto, i know. but it was the only thing i found to work. sorry i couldnt be of more help.

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    I bought all of mine from Wal Mart and motherhood maternity. They make so many different ones it is hard to choose. I liked the nes that had no underwire and just cotton fabric. Your breasts will b e sore enough as your milk comes so you don't want to add to it but you will want a bra that fits snug as your dr. will also tell you to prevent breast tissue saggage.

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    I like the Playtex ones with the underwire alternative. They are inexpensive, easy to open and close one-handed, and you can get them at Walmart or Penney's.

    Happy nursing!

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