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Should the yanks fire Torre, or should Cashman get the axe? Or Both? Whaddya think?

Joe Torre wins with his type of team. There is one person that i can blame for the yanks lack of world series wins lately: Brian Cashman. Specifically, his decisions to send away younger better players for older players. Joe Torre cannot be blamed for the way his team is assembled year by year. When they were winning championships they were winning with small ball infused with power hitters and AWESOME pitching. I think alot of it is the huge salary of one Alex Rodriguez. Dont get me wrong, i love the guy and he mashes, but he still isn't clutch in the postseason. The team has made dumb decision the past few years. Getting rid of Soriano, Trading Sheffield in favor of Abreu, getting rid of Flash Gordon, getting rid of Jose Contreras. Bad moves to me. I hate to say it but i feel for the yankees to win another title, they have to fire Cashman and let a-rod walk. They can 4 or 5 really good players for a-rod's salary, someone like David Eckstein, infused with young pitchers, and a masher.


Brian T....i disagree. Word on the block is ol George's health is not that good. He is NOT running the show right now. Cashman has taken control of the team.

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    Cashman's dumbest move was giving Clemens all that money!

    Torre can do only so much with the old players he is given to manage.

    Fire Cashman, keep Torre!

    Torre will be hired very quickly somewhere else if he is fired.

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    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

    1. The Yankees pay Jeter and Giambi more than Arod

    2. Arod is much, much better than Soriano who was traded for Arod, and if they kept Soriano where would he play and then who plays 3rd?

    3. Abreu is younger than Sheffield and healthier and Sheffield was a cancer in the clubhouse.

    4. Gordon sucks now, just ask the Phillies

    5. Contreras sucked then and sucks now.

    Cashman has done a VERY good job. He didn't trade away the young players, as you claim, because he kept Cano, Wang, Hughes, Kennedy, Cabrera and Chamberlain. So what the hell are you talking about?

    Torre had a great run and should be praised for the amazing job he's done, but it's time to move on.

    Keep Cashman and don't resign Torre.

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    The real problem ranges above Cashman. This is George's team. He wanted Giambi, he wanted Sheffield (over Vladimir, are you kidding me???) He wanted Randy. Cashman can't do his job. But when he was he went out and got a younger Roger Clemens. He got David Cone, and a lot of other great role players that won us championships. George is out of control!! He needs to be stopped. This isn't Cashman's fault, he is just Steinbrenner's puppet, but that is his job. For what he makes I would be his puppet to. George should shut his pie hole and Cashman could fix this thing in two years. Torre on the other hand is a GREAT manager and our successes should be credited to him. Our failures aren't all his fault. I am pretty certain that this is three years in a row that on the day of elimination he started someone on short rest. That doesn't work, and I keep hoping he will figure it out. We had Mussina who has pitched well as of late. We should have stayed with him. Maybe it is time for fresh ideas. I hate to see him go. And even worse fired. I would love to see him tell George where to shove it and walk away with his pride, but walk away none the less. (and for the record I would like to see Arod stay. You are stupid if you think we could do better; especially with Soriano, but if he opts to go free agent then let him go. LET HIM GO)

    Source(s): I would also like to point out to the guy who says he won it once in 7 years that no other manager has won the ALCS more in the last 7 yrs. We are in the strongest division as well as being the team that every one targets. The years previously he won 4 of 5. do we just forget they happened?
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    I agree, A-Rod is a dead man walking in the playoffs, and the Yankees should not keep him. I would look at a contact hitting, defensive minded third baseman, and maybe even look at replacing Jorge Posada, long-term (1 or 2 seasons down the road). But, I would also probably fire Torre as well. I think the problem isn't so much that he is a bad manager, but the players are comfortable playing for him because he protects them from the Steinbrenner. That is probably not what those players need. A liitle bit of a shakeup would probably be just what the doctor ordered. And I think Cashman is doing okay; he just needs freedom from Steinbrenner when he is making personnel decisions.

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    Cashman doesn't know how to do his job, we know it since he bought randy johnson. After the yankees passed the july trade without any acquirments i was kind of disappointed, then during august i saw the young guys kile joba, hughes and kennedy and, looking at gagne's stats, i said to myself:"Attajob Cashman!" But then i see wang loosing two games out of four, clemens pitching for 1 inning, relievers that don't do their job (i'm so not talking about joba) and i think that we don't have PITCHING. that's what a good team's got to have, the indians won cause of sabathia and carmona. the redsox won cause of beckett, matsusaka and schilling.

    Offense: The yankees have a tremendous line up in the regular season but why are they so bad in the playoffs?? I think that is Torre's problem. He is over. He won the ALCS 1 time in just 7 years! We can become the knew boston redsox! We need to flip the page....

    ...send Torre and cashman away.....

    ...that's what I think.

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    Cashman. He built the group. however the project is, who runs it if Cashman is long previous? The final time the Boss became into "in fee," the Yankees sucked (look on the eighty's and early ninety's). Torre would desire to bypass via the tip of the 300 and sixty 5 days - yet he has delivered 4 titles to long island, so he gets some slack. He knows the thank you to regulate.

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    If I remember correctly, Torre did not have a winning track record as a manager until he came to New York. I think he has accumalated championships...etc. by being surrounded by a neverending cash cow. Outside of Boston, no other team can come close to matching that. Buying the most expensive talent available does not a team make. The Indians clearly played with heart and NY did not. Personally, I do not think it is Cashman or Torre. But it is like being a spoiled child - used to getting their way. If something goes wrong, Daddy might scream and holler but he is gonna open up his wallet and pull out a wad of feel good.

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    Why does everybody blame A-Rod and never mention Jeter. This post season A-Rod batted .267 with an on-base percentage of .353. Jeter batted .174 with an OBP of .174, and ground into 3 critical double plays. Also, in the 5 years A-Rod has been with the Yankees his OBP in post season has been .436 compared with Jeter's .378. You may not like A-Rod, but facts are facts and, although Jeter may be the Yankee darling, he shouldn't be free of criticism and certainly cannot be considered Mr. Clutch when his stats say otherwise.

    I hope A-Rod does opt out so he can go to a team that appreciates him. After all, without him, the Yankees wouldn't have even be in the playoffs. Anybody who thinks otherwise is very mistaken.

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    I agree with just about everything you said....but Trading Sheffield in favor of Abreu, and getting rid of Jose Contreras were not bad moves....I would take Abreu over Sheff anyday Abreu is much more patient at the plate...he has speed...and he can hit for power at times....Sheff was broken down and still is....Contreas is a good pitcher I agree but he just could not perform in a Yankee uniform there are alot of good players who played for the Yankees and did not get it done..went to another club and became a star player...Getting rid of Soriano was a big MISTAKE!!

    They are going to toss Torre under the 4 Train...If he was smart he would retire before they can fire him!!! The Yankees need to get rid of Don Mattingly he is a jinx....They did not win when he played and they are not winning as long as he is a coach!!! Don't get me wrong he was an awsome player but he is cursed!!!

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    Heads should start rolling at the very top for not so smart decisions in the past. Let Torre stay after the heads have rolled, so he & his team can move forward.

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