How to be placed on husbands grant deed in Houston, TX/harris county?

Our house was bought about a year ago. but my credit score sucks, so we qualified w/ the mortgage using only him as the buyer even though my income is greater than his...I would qualify for a particular tax break that he won't qualify for in regards to the yearly school taxes (100% va compensated gets caps on school taxes just as a 65 yr. old would). However, I need to be listed on the grant deed and would like to know if someone has advice. I called the citys school taxes office and the advice wasn't helpful, i.e., I need to be placed on his grant deed.

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  • Frank
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    1 decade ago
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    I understand you want to file for an HISD property tax cap for disabled veterans. I generally concur with the first two posters. First try refinancing, and if you qualify with your credit, then you will have to pay closing costs again. The quitclaim route is cheaper, and can be recorded in the county clerk's office that you own half, but will not get you on the grant deed. Instead of showing joint ownership with your husband on the tax bills, you and him might get billed separately. In addition, the mortgage company may not let him give away half the house. What if he defaulted, then at foreclosure the mortgage company would only be entitled to half the proceeds and you walk away with the other half as pure profit. The odds of the mortgage company allowing that are slim and none.

    Source(s): I live just south of Harris County but know about the tax exemption. It feels odd to learn about all the Houston issues and then not be able to vote on them because I live in Galveston County.
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    You can't be added to the existing deed. However he can give you a grant (or quitclaim) deed for an undivided 1/2 interest in the property. That will have the same effect.

  • Russ B
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    Basically, you can't unless you refinance in both your names. A quitclaim deed might or might not work...I don't think it will.

    For a quitclaim deed to have any effect it has to be filed...and the mortgage company controls the title at this point.

    But, it is worth a try.

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