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would swimming help build lean muscle mass?

im at the point were im trying to lose this last couple extra lbs i work out all the time and just started to get into swimming i can only do about 20 laps so far back and forth without getting to tired is this helping?

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    YES! I am a swimmer for my highschool and it taked lots of hard work outs that really push you to start to improve. It builds muscle and burns calories like No other. Keep at it. I suggest getting a personal trainer so he or she can really push you because you won't push yourself hard enough.

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    In order to lose weight while swimming you need to do a lot of tough work outs. It is good to have someone who is just a little bit better to swim with you so they can push you. Just doing 500 yards in a swimming pool isn't going to do much, however, if you keep with it, and start doing actual exercises, then you will see results quickly. It will take a lot of work to get your endurence up, but you can't quit when it gets tough. When I swam for my high schools team, at the beginning of every season I would lose 15-20 lbs. within the first two weeks.

    It is an excellent exercise....keep with it.

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    Oh definitely. And with swimming you get to work on a variety of muscle groups at the same time (especially if you change your swimming style) and it's obviously low impact so your knees will thank you. Furthermore, because you're working out all the time, this new type of exercise is something your body hasn't gotten used to.

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