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what are the steps I can take to report my children's school?

My kids' school has multiple choice spelling tests (yes, you read that correctly) and they are allowed to use calculators in elementary school for the National Stadardized Tests, which should test their knowledge and not their ability to use a calculator. Even in 1st grade they are able use a calculator for these tests to add simple numbers, such as 4+3. I've contacted the city board of education, they refused to speak with me. So then I contacted the state board of education. It's been 3 weeks, I've called 6 times, no call back. It's located 300 miles away so I can't really go there since I have a job. But I have also tried email, to no avail. And the local paper willnot even consider doing a story on it! I need to know where to go next or what to do next. My son is in the 5th grade, and reads on a 3rd grade level according to the schools own tests. He struggles with all his classes and I can't get them to hold him back a grade. Help

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