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Can someone explain to me what the court case Ralph V. Seeley v. State of Washington was about?

I'm having trouble understanding it. Just tell me what the issue and the result was of the case, in simple terms. Thank you all for your help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Plaintiff Ralph Seeley, a lawyer, brought this action pro se,

    seeking a declaration that the placing of marijuana in "Schedule I"in RCW 69.50.204 is a violation of the liberties guaranteed by the Washington constitution. The plaintiff has standing to sue because he is a cancer patient, facing ongoing treatment for his disease, who has a legitimate need for marijuana to relieve suffering, and cannot legally obtain it.

    The plaintiff contends that two sections of Article I of the

    Washington constitution should protect him from the withholding of a valuable therapeutic herb. In brief:

    Persons who need opium, cocaine, morphine, barbiturates or

    amphetamines have the privilege of using the drugs and immunity from arrest with a doctor's prescription; the plaintiff needs cannabis in its vegetable state (marijuana), and has neither privilege nor immunity available to him. Article I § 12, the "privileges and immunities" clause, specifically prohibits such arbitrary classification.


    As I understand, the opinion of the court was that it was unconstitutional to consider mariuana a schedule 1 drug, making any research as to its benefits (or risks) impossible.

    but im not expert

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