when i was 24 i got a boyfriend who say love me to death....?

if u are my boyfriend and call u and say love, i think i might be pregnant cause i miss my period for a month. and u love me because u can sleep with me whenever u want. my question is what is yr first respond respond will be remember u want me because u can have free s** with me


now i am happily married u want to know the reason

the reason my ex wants because i got a good figure of 38-25-38

Update 2:

i miss my period for a month and i tell u, love i am pregnant, u are my ex, u only want to have s** with me nothing else. what will u say to knowing that I having a baby growing in me?

Update 3:

all want to know is what will he say when he know i am pregnant, if u are my ex what will say? let me put it this way i call u my ex what will u say to me? then u found out that i am not pregnant what will u say as my ex?

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  • TX Mom
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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, obviously your ex-boyfriend mistook love for lust or at least told you that he loved you. But he only wanted to sleep with you. He didn't want any commitments or babies with you. So the best revenge on that ex is to be happy--enjoy your new husband, and the baby that comes.

    TX Mom

  • 1 decade ago

    I am confused.

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