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airplane anxiety?

What do u do to help yourself relax on a plane. do they sell alcohol on airplanes? lol, thats terrible.

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    Umm - there are a couple of things that you can do:

    1). Let the airline know. Some airlines have seminars and/or people to help you (I know that it used to happen in the pre-2001 timeframe where airlines could spend money on ambitious projects). Nowadays they might allow you to baord first and/or early so that you get some more time to get accostomed to the airplane. Letting the flight attendants know makes them aware that you are a bit nervous and most will go out of their way to make you comfortable.

    2). Don't drink - most people try to relax by drinking, but it just makes them act horribly. It is a hell of a thing to be nervous when flying, it's a crime to be nervous and drunk. Avoif it if necessary. It might make things worse in the event of landing/takeoff you might be a exxagerate a bit more.

    3). Take a walk - get up during the flight and try to take a walk to the bathroom if necessary. Normally there are seats to the back of the airplane that are empty. Maybe sitting there for a few minutes might help. The open space normally makes more people a bit more comfortable.

    4). Use the In Flight Entertainment - see if you could get a seat with a great view of an TV, or a pair of headphones. Music or TV will help you to calm down a little. If you have an MP3 player - take it with you. If you have a laptop - take your fav. movie with you. Take a great book.

    5). Try sleeping. If you can get some sleep onboard. It will always help.

    6). Breathe - when things are getting a bit hard to handle - simply take a very deep breath. Take a few more, and just try to remove the anxiety from your mind.

    7). Get a window or an aisle seat. If you are comfortable with looking out of the window - it is normally a great distraction. If not, then it's great to sit near the aisle so you can take a walk when necessary.

    8). Do simple excercises - do neck rolls, stretch your arms, stretch your legs out under the seat infront of you. Roll your shoulders, think simple - things that can be done at your seat.

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    Flying is a great experience. As far as relaxing goes, you can read, play cards, walk around, look out the windows and check out the scenery and talk to the people around you. Most planes are so large that you honestly forget that you are in a plane. The seats are small so that will remind you, but it could be a bus or anything else for that matter.

    Try to think of the fun, adventurous aspect of the whole trip. Bring a good book. Have a great trip!

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    I am so happy, it was only a 35 minute drive ( 70 minutes total) but absolutely no sign of anxiety or panic i shopped till I dropped - brilliant! I will now go for the next stage DUAL CARRIAGE way, probably at the weekend, with my husband accompanying me first then the solo drive, if successful the final stage of driving on motorway

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    Lighten up and live!

    The Pope, an HMO CEO and a student nurse are flying on an airplane. The captain comes back and says that he has some bad news and some really bad news. The bad news is that the plane is going to crash! As he puts on a parachute and jumps out he says that the really bad news is that there are only 2 more parachutes.

    The HMO CEO says "I am the smartest man in the world, and the world of Health Care would be nothing with out me!" With that he puts on a parachute and jumps out.

    The Pope says "Well, my child, I would love to live, but I believe that my time is up. Please take the other parachute and save yourself."

    The student nurse says "Not to worry sir. Right now the smartest man in the world is trying to find the rip-cord on my back pack!"

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    yeah just tell the person next to you that your scared, most likely the people that sit next to you are frequent flyers and that they are use to it, they wont mind. If you do have a problem still ask the stewardess if there are anymore seats available and that you have claustrophobic. Trust me you have to remember you are a customer and the employers on the plane want to make your flight enjoyable

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    take off your socks and shoes and make "fists" with your toes repeatedly in the carpet

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