Lebanon position in middle east?

I chose to do my paper on Lebanon's position in the middle east. The questions I have to answer is. The position in the middle east/ What they want to have happen. propose to achieve the goal/ problem in middle east.


I need to write a informative paper. on its current position with the war in the middle east, the problems how it proposes to solve the problems achieve "peace"

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    Lebanon has throughout history been a playing field for proxy wars/battles in the region.....

    The Palestinian/Israeli conflict as well as its geo-political boarders (Syria,Iran,Palestine,Israel) definitely place Lebanon in a sensitive location.....

    What Lebanon wishes to achieve is to establish a sovereign nation, and remain sectarian.....if you think about it, there never truly has been a Lebanese nation!?!

    They're almost starting from scratch.....the seat for leadership is open,its up for grabs and everyone is simply fighting for it.....meantime, "other" nations don't want to loose their grip and influence in the area and "other"nations want to put their claws into it before anybody else does......its a game of chess.....you just have to know who the main players are.

    And most local politicians are selling out to "outside" influence....putting the well-being and safety of the country completely aside..........its difficult to fully trust anyone these days......the local politicians (and people) need to find a common ground and stop being so divided....."United we stand; devided we fall".......Lebanon is falling!

    Its cooking and we got ourselves a "Paella" ;p

    ****You might want to check out this link**** http://www.crisisgroup.org/library/documents/middl...

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    your question is too vague...I don't get the meaning of the position of Lebanon in the Middle East (political, economical, geographical...), purpose or goal is to achieve complete souveranity...problem in the middle east is the everlasting problem between Israel and Palestine which affects all of us in the neighboring countries

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    1st i advice u to go and search on the web for articles abt that.

    I think Lebanon want peace , and always want peace, also high percentage of Lebanese don't like Syrian gov. system , and don't like Israel's too ,

    I couldn't add more , but its better to go for articles on the web for what u want.

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    This is like asking how Poland cased WW2.

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    in the middle of the eastern countries

    between syria,palistine, and the sea...

    its a small drop!

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    Doggie style. LOL

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