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Teen Hott Halloween Costume Ideas?

I need ideas! help ! maybe something you can just put together not found in stores but i want those 2 and maybe something u can be with a friend omg please helpp:))) thankss

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    There's a video on YouTube that has the most amazing Teen Hott Halloween Costume Ideas.

    It's called "Costume Tribute"

    You can go to YouTube and type it in and find it.... or here's the link:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Also, the BEST place I found not just for Costumes for Halloween but UNIQUE costumes and ideas that nobody else has, and will turn more heads than you can imagine is at a place called "Costume Hookup" - and they have a website.

    You can get a free $500 Costume from them simply by putting in your zip code.

    It's seriously the coolest place I found online and I got a costume this year that is going to blow ALL my friends away.

    I'll take a pic and show it to ya....

    I put the link below in the source box for you to get yours.

    Happy Halloween!!

    Source(s): www. CostumeHookup .com
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    positioned on the socks with black footwear or cleats. positioned on black shorts and take a white shirt and employing electric powered tape make vertical traces on the shirt positioned your hair in pig tails and carry a whistle... living house made gorgeous Referee

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    all u need is a balck tutu

    and a tail

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    You could do barbie, waitress, maid, pirate, etc

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    be a little kid wear big clothes and have make-up all over ur face

    Source(s): i'm gonna do it
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