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What's the best midwifery program for me?

I should start off by saying that I live int he U.S., where midwifery ceritifications and degrees are somewhat more complicated than in other countries.

My big nerdy dream is to be a midwife, working in international crisis situations and refugee camps. Right now I only have an unrelated bachelor's degree. I know that for my specific goals I should be a nurse midwife, and not go the direct entry route. But where should I get my training? Would it be worth it to study abroad? I speak passable french and would love to work with medecins sans frontiers someday. Or should I get my initial training closer to home, where I can get more support from my family? Would a foreign program position me better for my future goals? I suspect the scandinavian countries would be strongly respected internationally, but I just don't know where to begin my research on this.

Thanks for your help!

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    there are several good programs in US,two are in el paso,tex....look on google and find them.....there are other programs as well..pick the one for you...good luck

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