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Does anyone know where I can get the episodes of Prison Break Season 3?

I would like to watch season 3 of Prison Break on my computer for free. Does anyone know where i can stream or download it (I prefer it to be streamed)? I live in the UK so I need something that works here.

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    this site has the 3 episodes of season 3 that there has been shown so far, there's different links to the same episodes you just choose whichever one. and it does work in the UK. some sites offer downloads but it depends, so don't know if you can download from these links, but they are streaming ones.

    just so you know based on the links on that page (the different video hosting sites): tudou is a chinese site, and the videos take a while to load. for veoh they have new rule you only get 5 minute preview then you download it to their tv program software (that you download), stage 6 is excellent quality but you need a free divX player to view videos on that site. and ouou are also chinese but they don't take as long to load. i don't know vimeo, I know for megaupload you don't have to have an kind of player to view the videos. so for episode 1 & 3 you could try those links, as for 2 you'll have to choose.

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    Just wait till tomorrow and then go on google and search up: Watch Prison Break 3x13 Online Trust me I've wanted to watch an episode over the instant it was done on TV but no luck in finding it because no ones uploaded it yet.

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    this is the only free site u need for prison break episodes

  • go to and the click prison break and it will say something like missed and episode and then click that and you can watch it.

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