What is the punishment prescribed in Islam for a muslim woman who marries a non-muslim?


The conclusion from the answers is that the marriage is not valid & therefore the woman should be divorced or punished for adultery.

Whatever happened to personal freedom? Do you muslims feel that this is correct?

Update 2:

The way I see it the poor woman just cannot do anything. If she marries out of the religion she gets killed. If she leaves the religion to marry then she is an apostate & gets the death penalty there also.

So much for the "religion of peace".

Update 3:

eccentric- see ohios butterfly ans. there is a quranic ayat which specifically prohibits such marriages.

HEnce such marriages are void. As such marriages are not recognised by Islam, the woman is not married as per Islam but considered to be in an adulterous relationship which attracts the death penalty.

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    I looked around and found this:

    "If a Muslim woman marries a kaafir when she knows the ruling, then she is a zaaniyah (adulteress), and her punishment is the punishment for adultery. If she was ignorant of the ruling then she is excused, but they must be separated, and there is no need for a divorce because the marriage is null and void." That's from http://www.beliefnet.com/boards/message_list.asp?d...

    Another site states [see "c"]: "Chapter 3 – Types of Adultery Punishment - Article 82 – The punishment for adultery in the following cases is killing and there is no difference between young and not-young and marriage-bound and not marriage-bound. a. Adultery with “mahaarim” [“Mahaarim” of a person are the relatives by blood or marriage who are within the prohibited degree of marriage such as one’s siblings, parents, and in-laws.] b. Adultery with step-mother which shall constitute the killing of the adulterer. c. Adultery of a non-Muslim with a Muslim woman which will constitute the killing of the adulterer. d. Adultery by force and duress that will constitute the killing of the forcing adulterer." - from http://www.meydaan.org/stoning/Punishment.aspx

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    Most of the answers are from half baked experts not scholars, and i can easily tell many are wrong as i read the Quran regularly with translation, the punishment for zinah is to lock up in a room for life, but if she and the man repents then forgive them, plus you need 4 witnesses, this is to protect the woman from undue harassment. There is a lot more, but muslim men can marry people of the book but not muslim women, it is not allowed, in fact in today's world, i would not even marry a christian or jewish as they have deviated so far and commit shirk so much, why take risk and destroy your eternal afterlife when this life is just a test to see who amongst us are the best. I would not punish a muslim woman who marries a christian or a jew, but i would also have nothing to do with her if it were my family, actually my sister has married a christian and until he converts we have nothing to do with her, its not my choice, its Gods commandment to not have relations with those who seek partners with our Creator.

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    The marriage is not valid, and thus she may be considered to be living with a person she is not married to. Whether or not she is to be separated from the man and punished as an adulteress or simply separated from the man with no punishment depends upon whether or not she knew the rulings regarding marrying a kaafir man.

    Source(s): www.islamqa.com (question #115, 1825, 8396)
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    A Mulsim woman who marries a non Muslim is doing something Haram and must leave him and repent, unless he becomes Muslim.. and this marriage is not invalid because, it is not a marriage at all...

    "All that is forbidden unto believers" 24:3

    And for the one who said "stoning".. let me give you some humble info by the Baby Feeder .. Bazzaza in Arabic:


    Those talking about death, please people; gain some knowledge before you hit the button: "Answer"...

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    If she has fornicated or commited Adultery in her past then she is only allowed to marry a muslim who commited the same crime or she can marry an unbeliever.

    The Holy Quran. Surah 24 (The Light). Verse 3.Let no man guilty of Adultery or fornication marry Any but a woman Similarily guilty, or an Unbeliever: Nor let any but such a woman Or an unbeliever Marry such a man. To believers such a thing is forbidden.

    If Allah wills I plan to stick with my own because making love to an Atheist would be outside my ranking(unless he turned Monotheist), it would be to risky for my Spiritual Taste even though Allah allows it.

    Source(s): The Holy Quran.
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    Allah mentions in the holy quran for a muslim man to marry only muslim woman n a muslim woman to marry only muslim man.A muslim man shld marry only a muslim even if she is ur maid coz a muslim maid is better than marryin a non-muslim woman.The only reason for a man's life is to worship Allah n follow his orders,if one disobey him by breakin his quranic orders,then defintely u have to pay for tht,Allah knws best wat punishment he gives,can be hell also.One can repay it by makin tht person a muslim n if she doesnt agree leave her,coz any sacrifice for ur creator is nothin in front of gettin matrydoom right?

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    there is no such punishment in Islam about this, if u know give me Quranic verses about this.

    what u are telling is fictitious thing and there is no solid rules given in Quran about it. so don't spread illogical things on net

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