Mosquitos solution?

I seem to have a ton of male mosquitos in my lawn. What is the best way to kill them??

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    The best you can do is wear a good mosquito repellent.Even if you could kill all that are in your yard,more would move in.It takes a city wide effort to effect the population..This includes a city spray program and getting the citizens to get rid of or place outdoor items where the will not hold water for mosquitoes to breed in.People who have water gardens can get a mosquito killer at there garden centers that will do the job without harming fish or plants.

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    B vitamins, especially B-1, put an odor on the human body that mosquitoes can't tolerate. B vitamins are found in beans, brown rice, whole grains and in vitamin supplement tablets. Once the vitamins are in your system, they will no longer want to munch on you. As for getting rid of them in your yard... not much you can do there besides burning those candles & they only work so so.. The zapping bug lights will kill them.. But there isn't anything you can really do to keep them out of your yard. Try the B vitamins though. I take a B vitamin complex and it does work.

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    Do you really know that they're male?

    If you know that they are, do you realize that male mosquitos do not bite? They act as pollinators, like bees.

    They really seem to like tomato flowers.

    If they're hanging out in your garden, in the flowers, why would you kill them?

    By the way, the males have fuzzy, visible antenna.

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    1 decade ago

    Find a Mosquito spray and do it.

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