Moving of electric meter.?

We need to have our electric meter moved as we're knocking the wall down that it is mounted on to. It's kind of in a corner and we just need it moving about 18 inches onto the adjacent wall. I've just phoned our supplier and they've quoted me £800. This is really way out of our league! It's taken us 10 years to save up to have these improvements done and we just can't afford that. So my question is, do I have to use the supplier or can i get an electrician in to do it? The mains feed will have to be reduced also. Please help, everythings come to a standstill! Thank you!

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    If by supplier you mean utility company yes they have to be involved

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    Some of the responses here are funny! Just go ahead and move it using an electrician, nothing will happen. Much as "the authorities" would have you believe, there's no such thing as the electricity police!

    First - The meter is owned by the electricity distributor, who are NOT the company you pay your bills to! They are the electricity provider. Since this split, these two parties rarely communicate.

    This was the advice I had when I did this. The guy that reads the meter works for the provider, and will probably not give a care about the distributor's property having been moved. Likewise, the distributor (who owns the meter) won't give a care about what the meter reading says.

    I've done this in 2005 by getting an electrician to do it, and it cost me £120. In order to do it, the electrician had to break one of the seals on the meter, and said for me to call the elec provider and inform them about the seal, and say that an electrician had to remove and test for safety reasons. He said for me to show them his invoice and it would all be fine. And it was. In fact, no-one cared at all. So - Everyone was happy. Had the meter read several times since with no problems.

    Source(s): Done it in the last two years.
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    Thats outrageous amount isnt it? And yet more proof that companies such as this have the poor public at their mercy. and generally take the p because of it.

    I really feel for you

    As they are asking you for that amount of money, have they actually said that the cost is whether you have it moved 18inches or 18yards? Because if they have, I think you should make it worth your while and let them move it a really long way so that you get your moneys worth in cabling etc

    Im sure theres other things you can do with the wall that you WERE going to allow them to move it to, but seeing as they insult you with their figure I think you should insult them back and make them REALLY move it!

    They may have given you a 'general' quote. Some people in customer services know no better. They often give ridiculous ammounts out and then when it comes down to it, the figure can be much less if you were only going to have it moved that short distance. You may even fiind that the MINIMUM they will move it would be a meter (39 inches)... There could be all sorts of reasons why you have had that particular quote. And as it seems excessive you may think of getting another one.

    In actual fact also, it may be cheaper to get yourselves a new meter altogether. Have you thought of that option? Sometimes if you swap providers they change them. Or perhaps you can get them to believe that the meter is faulty or something??? Its all worth your consideration... in the circumstances

    Im sorry you have found yourselves in this predicament, particularly after saving so hard to get the work done to your house, to then be faced with a bill of this nature.

    Source(s): And I hope it all works out well for you
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    the only way you can move it is to find someone who does it for the supplier and ask if he would move it and how much because if anyone else does the suppliers will know as the position of every ones meter is on record and when the meter man reads the meter his gadget tells him if it has been moved only people working for the suppliers have access to the records if they move it for you they will record the change and every thing will be alright good luck

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    Get an electrician to do it.

    I am an electrician and the utilities don't really bother if they know it was moved professionally and safely.

    Anyway, how would they ever know that it had been moved just 18''?. The man who reads the meter wouldn't.

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    I don't think you have a choice but to use your supplier as they own the meter. You could try asking a reliable electrician to confirm it.

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    just to let you know my husband works for a electric meter company i cannot tell you who but he has said you have to get the supplier of your electricity to come and move it and they do know they have been moved as there marked by the person whom fixes them to the wall and any damage to the meter will be down to the customer just be careful as its mishandling property that does not belong to you and belongs to the electricity board plus it will show up on the reading it has been moved as the meter numbers will be out of sequence and there think you have been tampering with the electric .....................sorry

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    No, only your supplier is authorised to shifting the service it will be an offence of law if you hire an electritian ,, anyway no electritian will put himself in this kind of problem..... better pay 800 and get it done .... i too feel 800 is on the higher side

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    The electric company should help. There will probably not be a grant accept for a HUD loan for home improvement and that could be part of the loan.

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    You, your friends or someone in your family should know a good electrician who is registered

    He will do this job for you at a fraction of the cost

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