What is the symbolism behind the confederate flag?

So the south didn't win, why do I see confederate flag decals on pickup trucks all the time? I don't even live in the south. I'm in the mid-west. Is it southern pride, a racist statement, or something else?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    to answer your question. the flag I assume you mean is the Confederate battle flag; not the national flag of the Confederacy. This flag was originally design as a way for confederate generals to distinguish between union and confederate army units. The reason was that the first national flag resemble to much like the US stars and strips. There was never any intention on it being use as symbol of hate just for military function and national unity for Southerns.

    As for the racist statement this holes true too for some people because of the action of others using the flag in social and political situations that promote racism. Ironically enough these same bigot people also us the US flag in the same manner in their functions too. So sadly today the flag has taken on a duel mean for different groups of people. As me, I look at it as the embattled emblem of my family. But I also understand the feels others have toward it because of a few idiots and their misuse of it.

    I hope that I've answer your question. If you like to know more in depth about the battle flag, I recommend "The Confederate Battle Flag" by John M. Coski.

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    Both the Dem's' and re pubs' can rarely agree on anything even when they want the same thing. Unless you go to c-span you will not see much coverage of third party candidates. Large corporations make huge contributions to candidates they support,you are limited in how much you can donate to a candidate personally. Corporations set up committees and groups to support and fund candidates. The latest bankruptcy laws were written by the banking industry for congress to make into law and it bit them in the butt. The other problem is that some people vote for 1 party all the time,either because they support that party all the time and believe it is the only party to do whats right,or they are dissatisfied with the other party for some reason. Both parties want it their way and will compromise some to get their way. If what I read on the Internet last night is even half true,this election may not matter anyway. If we have another attack like 9/11 or a major disaster before the elections F.E.M.A . will take control and George Bush will become the true power of government. If it happens after the elections and before the new president takes office,I don't know what will happen. G.W. signed an executive order for the continuity of government and F.E.M.A. will take over and suspend the constitution and the President will be the unity executive. Congress and the Supreme Court will still exist but will have very little voice,the President has the final say in all matters. There was also another site talking about the formation of the North American Union (Canada,U.S. and Mexico forming a union like the E.U. and the U.S. Constitution will be gone.

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