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Is 13 okay to start wearing make-up?

I'm in the 8th grade, I started experimenting with make-up in 7th grade. I would buy the make-up myself, and just wear it without my mom's permission (but she never said I could or could not wear it) She noticed I was wearing mascara and nude lipglosses. She bought my make-up for me since then. I just curl my eyelashes, put on a thin line of eyeliner, lip balm, a little blush, and very rarely eyeshadow. Nothing crazy! The thing is, I'm only in 8th grade and I get hit on by 30 year olds. I can't walk out in public without some fat 30 year old guy, or a car of 24 year old gangsters yelling things at me and stuff. I wouldn't mind if they were guys my age or atleast in high school, lol. But that's just gross! My mom says it's because of "all that make-up". I get that I look like a sophmore or a junior a lot of the time. I tried to stop wearing it but since Ive been wearing it for so long I feel ugly and plain when I don't.

Pictures Included In Details


Pictures [Please don't be weird, I'm trusting people @yahoo]


^ with make-up. I'm the one on the right.


^ without make-up. Left.

IS IT THAT FREAKING BAD?? I don't think I look all that much older. Sixth grades sometimes confuse me for a teacher!! It's sad:/ I'm not the only one out of all my friends that wears it, but the only one with this problem.

:( The second picture is about 3 months recent.

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    Heyy Chicaa,

    If you like wearing Make-Up then go for it!! I am thirteen too! I wear eyeliner and mascara and some college boys yelled a few things; here's a tip, Just Ignore Them! They will go away! Also, in the picture you were wearing make-up, is your friend's name Chloe? I think I may know her; she looks quite familiar. Also, you are really pretty both ways - but of course, the make-up side wins! Make-Up is there to make you look more prettier or more Hott! You are a very pretty girl and if you love wearing make0up don't let anyone stop you!

    - funnilemon.

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    Well, no one NEEDS to wear make-up. I'm in my 30's and I no longer wear make-up at all.

    You may want to consider a few things: a) you may think your make-up is subtle, but is it really? When I did make-up in the 8th grade, I look back now and realize I was wearing WAY TOO MUCH back then

    b) how are you dressing? Are you wearing revealing clothing that is getting attention of men?

    c) you have to learn to ignore jeers and cat calls, and you need to be able to walk away from flirting men. You are going to be hit on for at least the next decade - no matter what you do. NICE GUYS don't cat call, but the world is full of sleeze balls who will act gross to you. You have to be able to ignore it and walk away

    d) if you are 13... where are you hanging out where you are meeting 24 year old gangsters and 30 year old fat men? Maybe you should be spending time with other 13 year olds and being 13 instead of trying so be an adult. You only get to be a kid once, enjoy it while you can.

    You'll get over your dependence on make-up if you just stop wearing it. I feel like a freak now when I DO wear make-up. And my natural beauty is so much better than a painted face.

    if you just can't live without make-up, try going to Sephora or MAC and asking them for a free make-up lesson on how you can look more NATURAL, and tone it down some.

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    I say lip gloss is fine..but don't get into too much makeup so young...you could mess up your face by clogging up your pores and then that might result in you having acne when you are a little older..but you might get acne anyway...but I say wait until you are a senior or junior in high school..when you start going to the proms and stuff, it's ok to get nails done and all, but don't rush into being an adult..there is no point and it might send some of your classmates the wrong message about you, they might think you think you are too grown and boys will look at you differently too...just stick with the lipgloss....

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    i'm also 13 & in 8th grade and i started wearing makeup last year. I go to private school and were not allowed to wear make up so i wear nude eyeshadow,i curl my eyelashes, i use bronzer and nude lip gloss. You look like an eighth grader. You look fine, but if u feel violated by the things perverted guys say you should tone down the make up. Hope it helps:]

    Source(s): ~ tayy xoxo
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    OK, the first picture looks like you are 30-I am sorry, I know makeup is fun, but your eyeliner is not put on naturally, and you look so much older-your Mom is right.

    You´re 13-why don´t you wait until you are 16, and then, go to a makeup counter and have someone show you how to apply makeup so it looks like you don´t have on makeup, but really you do.

    You are BEAUTIFUL without makeup-not a lot of people can get away without it, so enjoy not wearing it-save your time for something else.

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    Ok u dont look 30 in either photo! U do look older with makeup but prob bout 16 tops. I showed my bf whos 24 and he said u def look underage and and any guy 16+ hitting on u should be shot! id cut down on the eye liner ur lower lids especially its really dark!! other than that ur make up is perfect- id leave everthing as uv bn doing but get rid of the eyeliner!!x

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    LOL I have my daughter with the same issue. Your mom is right. Now a days ya gurls looks so much more grown then what you really are. You are just going to have to make that choice on wearing it or not... I know you tend to get use to wearing it ... I know I know. All I can say is be careful out there... You can not prevent yourself from growing in life ,but don't try to grow too fast .. Good luck and be well...

    Source(s): A mom of three gurls and one of them is 15
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    I think that it is fine that you want to wear makeup at 13. I mean you aren't that young. And in the pictures you don't look like you overdo it so I wouldn't worry about it. If guys are making rude comments and so on then you should just ignore them. There are always going to be people with negative attitude.

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    Yeah that's fine. I'm just 14 and for a normal day I would wear white eyeliner (sounds wierd but I blend it up the eye to make it kinda make my eyes brighter), brown mascara (to be subtle) brozer (to add a bit of color and a subtle shade of lip gloss. Most of the time no-one notices!! But i gues that's the point!

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    I think 13 is a perfectly fine age to start experimenting with makeup but try to keep it a natural look no blue eyeshadow or red lipstick, look for colors that bring out your natural beauty, don't try to make a new face.

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