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I nid a girl name??? Asap...?

promise guys ill give highest rating to the name i like the most.. well in our school we need to adopt a spiritual baby and i cant think of any pretty name... i am 14... and i am not pregnant... plz... help me..

wat do you think of


but i nid a more nice one....

tnx in advance... hope you will help me... ^_^


Plz.. be kind... if you cant suggest for a name just dont answer..

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    dimitri, lola, imogen, louise, charlotte, charli, ellie, jamie/jaymee, ja'mie(haha off summer heights high!!), harriet, alicia, holly, jazmin, phoebe, chloe, molly, lily, enya, emma, trinity, tiffany, kelsey, laura, i think for sets imogen louise, enya louise, dimitri grace, emma chloe, lola jazmin, phoebe laura, holly alicia, anyway im just havin a little brainstorm haha. theres some new ideas for you

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    Winona Wert Gwendolyn Wert Victoria Wert Veronica Wert Valentina Wert Vivica Wert Ashlynn Wert Tabitha Wert Briella Wert Miranda Wert Marina Wert Madelyn Wert Fiona Wert Sabrina Wert Carina Wert Daphne Wert Gisele Wert Francine Wert Francesca Wert Dominique Wert Clarissa Wert Nicolette Wert Viola Wert Tianna Wert

  • Reighlynn Maddison

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    Ezra Leanne

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    Carly Louise or Jayne Susan

  • 1 decade ago

    Alexia Desere'

  • 1 decade ago

    Genevieve Michelle.

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  • Elyssa

  • Trudie Marie

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