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Ohio State Football Ranking?

It is unbelievable that anyone would put Ohio State with there weak Schedule even in the top ten they have played no one. Its unbelievable that the NCAA and the AP would even consider a team with a weak schedule like that to be in the top 10. There are alot of one loss teams out there who have played qaulity opponents. Ohio State and michigan get away with scheduling 3 to 4 Division 1AA opponents every year

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    Ohio State has played only one 1AA oponent ever, and that was this year (Youngstown State). Ohio State schedules one major out of conference opponent every year. This year that opponent was Washington. When the game Ohio State - Washington game was scheduled (in the early 90's), Washington was considered the best program in the Pac 10.

    In the future Ohio State has home and homes scheduled with USC (2008 & 2009), Miami (2010 &2011 - scheduled when everyone thought Miami was the best team in college football), Cal (2012 &2013), Va Tech (2014 &2015), and Oklahoma (2016 & 2017). In 2005 and 2006 Ohio State played Texas.

    Ohio State has recently attempted to schedule OOC games with SEC schools, but the SEC schools all decline. Only Tenessee seems to regularly schedule major OOC opponents.

    Compare that to the best out of conference opponent some SEC schools play. LSU had Va Tech this year, but that is an exception. Last year Arizona was their top OOC opponent and the year before it was Arizona State. Alabama only plays cupcakes OOC. Florida at least plays Florida St which is usually tougher than Georgia which only plays Georgia Tech. Auburn was kept out of the BCS in 2004 when their OOC schedule was Louisiana-Monroe, The Citadel (1AA), and Louisiana Tech.

    Source(s): http://www.cfbdatawarehouse.com/data/div_ia_team_i... is a good place to look at teams' schedules
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    Yet the Big 10 only has 1 team with a losing record, Minnesota, and your trying to give a pat on the back to a conference that basically does nothing but schedule teams from the Sun Belt Conference or Division II schools. And not only that, scheduling them this late in the season, with Georgia playing Idaho St., Kentucky playing Charleston Southern, Auburn playing Chattanooga, Alabama playing Georgia St., and Florida playing Appalachian St., all in the coming weeks. Besides, didn't your beloved $EC have Vanderbilt get beat by Northwestern, lose to UConn, a team Michigan blew out, have Ole Miss get beat by Division II Jacksonville St., Georgia lost to the worst team in the Big 12, Colorado, and Tennessee received their worst loss at home to Oregon. Yeah, that's a great conference. Yes, the top 3 in the $EC are tough, but beyond that, its as good, or really a little less than the other BC$ conferences outside of the ACC and the Big East. If any conference doesn't deserve a BC$ automatic bid, that would be the Big East, not the Big 10.

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    Ive said it before but it bears repeating.

    Ohio State may not have that strong of a schedule this year, but the Buckeyes HAVE won all the games they were supposed to so far. That is more than a LOT of teams in college football can say right now, including teams such as USC, Florida, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Michigan, West Virginia, Louisville, Auburn, Florida, Nebraska... etc. All teams that have lost games to teams that many felt were weaker than them. Many of these here very big upsets, especially Stanford over USC.

  • HAHA!!! You must be a pissed off Purdue fan or somebody with one loss...

    The Buckeyes are a great team and will go undefeated. They went to the National Championship last year and belong in the Top 10. Just because your crappy team has lost doesn't mean you have to complain about an undefeated team with a semi-weak schedule. Sore LOOZA!

    Source(s): Joe Torre
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    I was curious why UConn is not in the rankings. They're undefeated. Although they have the 2nd easiest schedule in all of college football, Hawaii has the easiest schedule and they are in the Top 20. I'm not claiming that UConn is good, I'm just saying Hawaii should not be there with that schedule.

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    I do think South Florida should be ranked higher, as far as schedule toughness. BC has played better teams also, but the system does work, so stick with it.

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    Way to stop that is to have a play off system like in basketball between all the major conferences.

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    Support a NCAA playoff system. Only way to fix the NCAA mess.

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    welcome to the BCS. home of temas getting screwed over and shitty *** teams getting second chances. i agree, why not have playoffs, then even an underdog or someone who lost only one game would still have a chance and no one could claim the BCS screwed them over.

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    Fight ON!!

    Root for Cal !!

    Fight on fight on fight on fight on

    Source(s): Cal is the best football team ever.
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